Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vogue, December 1976.

In my second installment of last Wednesday's Vogue discoveries, I thumbed through December of 1976. The thing I loved most about this issue is that it is entirely populated by work separates, Gloria Vanderbilt, and "The Great Gatsby" movie inspirations. Most obviously so, this beautiful ad. I believe it was for cigarettes. The hat and wavy little short cut are adorable, the very unstuffy, nautical twinset and Gilligan-reminiscent pants (I always loved his sailor jeans and white sneakers!) are clean, classic and sporty-romantic.

As you can see below, the whole cast looks terrific... Mary Ann was another style icon for me!

This was an advertisement for Fashion Quorum. The wide-sleeved, easy coat and simple, substantial clutch. This is what I'd like to be wearing in my 40's and 50's.

The little hats don't stop!! I love this pared-down 1920's ensemble. Timeless, chic, and ever-so-wearable. The scarf is almost like a piece of jewelry; the plaid wrap provides just enough interest to keep the outfit out of basics Blahville. She's got a pretty stupendous ride, too.

In case the government is reading, this is how I'll be spending my relief check this summer: on some over-the-top, yet classic giant prescription glasses. This Gloria Vanderbilt ad had me gasping when I saw it-- these are exactly what I'm lusting for, especially in the top left and bottom right.
Lastly, I had to include this pic, hearkening back to my earlier post about furries and fashion. It has ROOTS people, it has roots!

[images via Vogue, 12/76, Gilligan's island pic via]


WendyB said...

Nice finds.

megan said...

This is awesome... love all the old pics!