Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Pet Projects!

If you look to the right, you'll see a link to the Etsy store I am slowly building!! I'll have a grand unveiling in a couple of weeks when everything's been uploaded, but I couldn't wait to start! I'm adding new things every day, and I'm so excited to watch it take shape.

I will be featuring vintage shoes (lotsa shoes!), dresses, one-pieces, accessories and the occasional, indispensably cute vintage kitchen or home items. I am so, completely stoked about this. Here I am today in a thrifted blouse, Urban Outfitters Jeans, American Rag jacket, newly thrifted booties ( <3 !! ) and newly thrifted mug with sweet flapper design on it.

And on a similar note, though less of a "big deal", I've started a new Flickr group! It's called "Mad for Madras" and features folks wearing that warm-weather icon and one of my favorite fabrics in the world, Madras!

According to Vidya at It's all about me !!!, Madras was originally worn solely by rickshaw folk (so funny that is often associated with Ralph Lauren types having summers in Martha's Vineyard!) In the 1960's, Madras was a huge hit in part because the dyes were not colorfast, and so every time they were washed, a new, different, swirly tie-dye like appearance would result.

In other news, my lecture last Friday on Symbolic Interaction and Identity Theory went so well! I got a lot of laughs and compliments afterwards, which truly warmed my cockles. I've been having future-ideas about professing on topics relating to pop culture/cultural anthropology/history/dress, and this definitely helped congeal them a bit! I get to do it again on Thursday, this time the topic is Gender Identity.

As part of the Identity Theory lecture, I asked the class to write down the names they thought best suit themselves. My faves were "Sateen Sailor Moon", "Joy Skyline" and "Starsleek Sass"... What would you name yourself, if you could? What name do you feel you "are"?

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