Friday, April 11, 2008

Hisui, Ylang Ylang

Hisui's (3/12) collection was OUTSTANDING. Looking at these pics, it's hard to believe how much I hated winter when the possibility of dressing oneself like this exists! So cocoon like and cozy, with the spiderweb headpieces evoking the silence of winter.

Another take on the cocoon theme, a little more streamlined, and colorful! love the body-skimming, tunic length sweater and floor-length skirt in combination, with the movement-creating tassels and diagonally-oriented stripe at the hip.

Here we have Ylang Ylang (3/12). While many of this collection's beautiful pieces were quite structured and reminiscent of 1950's YSL, there were some other, less conventional pieces as well. Below, further inspiration for me to go out in the cold. So elegant! So simple! Dig the "undesigned" belt and gloves! All that's missing here is some giant shades, a logo bag and a pair of plane tickets.
You know "The Neverending Story"? The princess should wear this to her wedding. The bow is so cartoonish in its proportions but somber in color, and the pompoms are just too fun, increasing the sense of dimensionality to this ethereal frock.

Tribble invasion!! He he he... love it. There may be some pom poms in my future...

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