Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hiroko Koshino, Tiny Dinosaur

It's a little late in coming, but I had to post on Japan Fashion Week, as it's my favorite one. There's so much more creativity, and to an extent, unstreetworthiness (but isn't it up to us to put it on the streets?). Japanese fashion designers take their roles as artists so much more seriously. The silhouettes can be otherworldly and the fabrics themselves are works of art-- who (of us interested in fashion) hasn't heard of Pleats Please? Also, they include far fewer things in their lines, so each garment has maximum impact, and the designer's statements, memorable and concise.

Here, pics from the Hiroko Koshino show (3/13):

It's almost as if the shape of the skirt, presents its fabric to the viewer. The one below's rightful place is in my closet. Such beautiful colors and an easy-to-wear shape accomplished with (seemingly) simple draping.

Here, some pics from the Tiny Dinosaur show(3/13). Who can't love a brand called Tiny Dinosaur???

Simple and elegant kimono-sleeved, dropwaist bright plaid dress. Killer boots.

I can't get over this one! The top alone is a perfect trench-meets-tunic, and with the chocolate shiny pants is a one-two punch of sophisticated shiny-matte/voluminous-fitted pairing.

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