Thursday, April 3, 2008

The first day of my favorite thing about this quarter

Today, I met with the director of OSU's Historic Textiles and Costume Department about what I'd be doing there this quarter as a volunteer.

I will be cataloging and sewing accession numbers (like Dewey Decimal system-type numbers for museum acquisitions) into garments. I will be helping the button experts to sort, and helping the other, full-time volunteer catalog a huge cache of Bonnie Cashin (ha!) patterns and garments the University just received. I'll be finding homes for the ethnic accessories and organizing, finding acid-free tissue to line hanging hangers with, replacing old tags with new, acid-free ones, and most excitingly -- she urged that I find time to "wander around and look at things"! I should feel free to draw or photograph anything (without flash, of course) and borrow any number of her hundreds of slides, books and old magazines. Heaven!

I am thrilled to be able to photograph some of the beautiful things they have in storage there and share them here.

Also, as I was touring, the Bonnie Cashin volunteer told me about a vintage wedding gown show they're doing at a museum downtown and that they needed more hands. So, Monday, I'll be pressing lots of silk and satin, and Friday, April 18th is the show, where I'll be dressing the models. Eeek!!! So fun!!

I wore my favorite vintage dress for the occasion. It is quite heavy, but breathable, and incredibly well-made. The hems are done with lace tape, and the buttons are wood. It has pockets, of course, and ties in back and is the most beautiful melon color. I also debuted my boots today! Love!

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