Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vogue. December 1, 1965.

This is "Mrs. S. Carter Burden", who in this article is described as a Demi Moore for the Sixties, who got better looking as she got older. Amanda Burden is certainly still beautiful, but more importantly, she is the director of the New York City Department of City Planning, as well as some kind of millionaire heiress descendant of John Jay. This was part of a beauty editorial on hair. Stunning.

This was a second editorial about the trendiness of the "Scheherazade foot": sticking jewels all over one's feet. A pretty sexy look, I must say for an esoteric socialite's pool party. All of the jewels were done by Elizabeth Arden artist, Pablo.

Peep these crazy-awesome topiaries! I knew something was missing from my life!!

And here, the Pierre Cardin-goes-precious style helmet on the cover model.

[photos of 12/1/65 issue of Vogue, courtesy of The Ohio State University Historic Costume and Textiles Collection.]

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Natasha said...

what cool photos!