Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thrifting Weekend

This weekend, the man and I took a trip to the furthest reaches of Ohio to get restocked with some new goods! Behold, the shoes! It's so hard to let them go when they're in your size!

On me today, a totally thrifted outfit, except for the American Eagle capris... feeling very much the glamor-puss today.

Excuuuuuse my beautay!


Natasha said...

what a cool outfit! I really like those spectators.

and you are excused. :)

megan said...

shoes! wowow! I wish I could find good ones in my size when I go thrifting.


Elissa said...

The spectators are a size 9-9.5, and you can get 'em at my Etsy store!

And thanks! Hehehe!