Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kamishima Chinami

The more I look, the more I love! Kamishima Chinami's show (3/10) was a beautiful gothic fantasy. I love this utility-goes-pretty cocoon coat with the whimsical little moss-like hat and bow-as-scarf.

The gunmetal grey and unstructured skirt spice up an otherwise standard-issue bustier dress. The necklace is so soft and beautiful, as well.

This is my personal fave. The mad-hatter style moss-hat, plus the juxtoposition of furry and structured in the jacket is so elegantly cartoonish. The flower-like appliques (reminiscent of Marchesa's collection for Fall o8) seem to grow upwards from the hem and the shoes are a bit of earth for them to grow out of.

Love it. The dip-dye is awesome, and of course, leather and tulle is just one of those counter-culture stylings with classic appeal!

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