Monday, June 30, 2008

As Seen On...

Thankfully I was bright eyed and bushy tailed by the time Comfest and all its attendant parties rolled around this weekend. I caught up with this specimen of grayscale cuteness Friday night.

Eeek! I just want to sit next to her in art class and ask her if she looked at Boingboing last night...

Kara. Neil Avenue.

I loved the easy elegance of her jersey separates, made work-worthy with flashy sandals and substantial bag.

Suzi and John. High Street.

The owners/operators of Collier West (highlights: bauble-encrusted ice-bucket, gigantic horn chandeliers and a serving tray upholstered in cowhair complete with horn handles) made for the cutest summer-in-the-city pair. Suzi on her look: "Whenever I lose sight of myself, stylistically, I go right back to a white tee and jeans. I could wear it for six months, however long it takes until I'm ready to go in a new direction." I loved how she added interest with her wrapped sandals and eclectic jewelry. On her store: "People are either rock stars or movie stars. This is a store for rock stars."

Dress: vintage, thrifted, altered. Vest: H&M. Gladiator jellies: Old Navy. Earrings: Rag-o-rama.

Yours truly, Friday night. In summer, I could practically live in a long black dress. Breezy and elegant without being bohemian (save for my choice in vest).

What's one outfit you could (or do) live in all summer long?


Saturday, June 28, 2008

MMM.... Ebay...

In between groggy gulps of Kool-Aid, fumbling with Sine-Off burst-packs and falling back to sleep with a magazine on my face, I found a few short moments to trawl Ebay to check on my auctions, and of course, find the next object of my bidding affection.

I love safari-cut dresses and anything with a structured, masculine, geometric fit. My former Hot Topic-ing self finds the mesh sleeves completely, subversively irresistible. Mesh sleeves on a smart dress? I'm in love...

This jacket is so irresistible in a "Just One of The Guys" kind of way. I think I'd take the tough factor down a notch by pairing it with a colorful, girly dress, or high-waisted suspendered pants and tie-neck blouse.

I've been on the lookout for a white, summer dress that didn't remind me of a sorority girl, wasn't too boho and didn't look like it came from Pam Anderson's wedding wardrobe. How elegant are those sleeves! And that high, lacy button-up neck! The demure details paired with the short length make this not only a nice winter piece with colored tights, but perfect for a night on a patio with you lover and a bottle of white wine. Moisture!

Definitely on my list for this coming fall and winter are dramatic, asymmetrical pieces of outerwear. With equestrian boots and a German Shorthaired Pointer, the look is complete. But seriously... the shape, the hood, the pockets, the lining, and the little piece of hardware at the shoulder to hold everything together? It's almost better than what I had in mind!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fashionably Ill

Ya girl's sick... and she's been this way a week now!

Shirt: gift. Jeans: Target. Shoes: Thrifted (new with tags from the 80's!). Bag: Thrifted.


It better clear up before this:

Yes, I'd like to look through the garages of the more well-appointed ladies in town!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Style Muse of the Day

via facehunter

This girl is trashy chic perfected-- her beautiful ash-platinum hair is what elevates it. And how cool is it that her hair matches those killer shoes?


Wholly Craft

Wholly Craft usually has such restricted hours that it's usually closed when I stop by. So I had to be there for a show they had Friday night as it might be the only opportunity to browse... naw'm sayin'?

A small swath of the crowd... some more animated than others.

Kyle Sowash played solo.

The Super Desserts played next... I dug the ukelelist's gold 40's pump/acid wash jeans/vest/plaid shirt ensemble.

Have I mentioned lately how the ukelele is the perfect female instrument?

The damned cute Marcine from wardrobe_remix rocks her ukelele daily.

I inherited one, surreptitiously, and it looks terrific but on account of its condition is strictly a prop.

I picked up this sweet squirrel pin, and wore this:

Jacket: American Rag. Dress: vintage, shortened. Clutch: thrifted. Shoes: Steve Madden.

Tuesday, for those who are in the area, is "Puppy Night" at Gresso's -- bring your puppy!

Friday, June 20, 2008

As Seen On...

Arlington Avenue, 8:15pm.

Joanna, Reese's Lover and Former Dog Walker.

So crisp and cute (love the bow!), I was extra shocked to find that everything she had on was from Old Navy.


I'm just sayin's all...

I kept thinking back on the purple Gaultier gown that Dita Von Teese wore to last week's amFAR event...

The military style, stiff shoulders on the flowing, 20's-esque gown, complete with fringe and a bow and trailing bauble-like details...

It would make a lovely wedding dress... non?

Oh, Photoshop, you devil-bastard! At this rate, we might as well just get married in overalls and Photoshop ourselves into couture later!

[Dita image via]

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yigal Azrouel

I just started on at this fabulous boutique that stocks a lot of unusual designers. Yigal Azrouel has quickly become one of my favorites.

He specializes in easy-to-wear urbanified knits in unusual shapes... I love his collection for men, as well. It seems to resonate with the reality of men's casual dressing more so than many other designers...

I wore this (track pants and boots) all throughout Junior High. It's a look worth repeating, I think. The more I look, the more I love.

My favorite thing here has got to be the sweatshirt cut low to reveal the statement on the shirt. Although I'm no great lover of t-shirts, this is may inspire me to change my ways.

The shape and double-collar make the classic winter white and black combo fresh.

A-ha! Come fall, I'll pair this bomber with my white chucks, grey jeans and a neutral thermal and call it a day.

I love androgynous looks, but when you're a curvy type, the look can be a challenge to pull off. This outfit, however is not only stark and stunning but readily adaptable to boobs and hips.

My take on Yigal:

Jacket: Macy's Dress, Pendant: Vintage

As Seen On...

Wednesday Night, The Funny Bone.

Whitney: "I work at Radio One and I'm also a student."

I loved how her wide corset belt provided a sexy edge to the flirty shape and wild print of the dress.

Wendy, "I'm an Ohio Roller Girl."

This girl was outrageously vintage-tastic, from her 1950's wiggle dress, to her disco-era bag and her grandmother's new-in-the-box from the 1950's pumps, in the same peacock blue as her dress. Brights love you, girl!

Kenny: "I design custom sneakers and t-shirts."

As soon as glitter hits my peripheral vision, I have to find the source. Kenny had on the sweetest pair of sneakers I've seen in awhile, his own custom design. The glitter effect was awesome! But you'll just have to take my word for it, as my camera couldn't really wrap its mind around it.

Dear God, I need a new camera!!

Right Up (and on) My Alley

I have no idea what The Sewing Circle sounds like, but if it involves chicks in a band and a sewing theme, there's really no way I can't be there.


Monday, June 16, 2008


Here are a few things I picked up on my travels last week...

Found at the Salvation Army in Watertown, NY

So prim and perfect! It's not often I find one of these dresses with short sleeves. I cannot wait to take this dress out!

Watertown, NY. I hope I'll be back soon (stuffed with amazing vintage)!

My fantasy of finding a pair of rollerskates that fit has finally come true! And while they're not white or pink, they can easily be made that way... I'm even toying with painting them, graffiti-style in pink and white on the sides.

These and everything else from the ever-amazing vintage trove that are the thrift stores of Cincinnati.

I'm not usually drawn to things that are 1960's-ish, but this raincoat is the perfect shade of green, and the pattern is small enough to not be clowny. It's a perfect, straight fit and has a lovely little peter pan collar. The sundress will be trotted out with a silver belt and heels for shady disco fun!

This dress likes being on a body better than being on a hanger on a fence, it seems!... but it is perfectly gauzy and light and bright, but just slightly too big so I'll be putting it in the Etsy store.

This beautiful velvet bolero is from the 1940's or 1950's and is so incredibly beautiful. It has floral embroidery in pink, white and green all over, and tiny gold filigree balls for buttons.

Like buttah. Fits slouchy and perfectly and looks almost brand-new, even though it's from the early 1980's. I'm begging for fall now!

Oh, the places I've been!

This whole week has been a mess of travel! From Kingston, Ontario to visit a friend and go camping, to Dayton, OH to visit family of my man, and to Cincinnati to visit my own people (and thrifting the whole way through).

Gladiator Jellies: Old Navy Everything Else: Thrifted

And while I love visiting with family and hometown friends...

Susan, Jenn, Aileen, Yours Truly

... one of my favorite reasons to go back home is to visit with the Pup. Johnny Vandal is one of the most fashionable of pups, a Boston Terrier.

Isn't he a dapper one?

He knows a zillion tricks, thanks to my Dad (Happy Fathers Day, Dad!)

Vandal dances, I wear clothes. Top, belt: thrifted. Capris: American Eagle. Espadrilles: TJ Maxx.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On Vacation...

I'm here, there, and a little bit of everywhere this week so I'll be posting new, juicy stuff sometime this weekend....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Le Bonbon Sportif"

Now that I have it back, I wanted to share with you what the quarter's lead up to --- my Marie Antoinette-inspired collection of tennis and golf dresses called, "Le Bonbon Sportif"!

Here are my ten "thumbnails" --- you can't really tell from this pic, but my favorite thing about them is that all the girls have cotton candy hair and only red bow lips and a beauty mark on their faces.

If you would like to use my copyrighted images, feel free! That's awesome! But notify me first and give me credit!

I also did a fashion plate -- detailed images of 3 of the thumbnails:

They're playing on a field of actual seersucker...

The details on my favorite, the golfing girl.

For my presentation, I made some lovely Lemon-Raspberry Cupcakes topped with Spice Drops. For those of you who like to bake, an easy recipe is at the bottom of the post!


The I decorated a visor with the rest of my spice drops, and brrr-ought The Antoinette. No cotton candy hair, but a beauty mark and powdered pallor, complete with gold lame sneakers:

Visor, vest, belt, sneaks: thrifted. Dress: Forever 21.

How to make Lemon-Raspberry Cupcakes!

  1. Make Cupcakes using White Cake Mix.
  2. While they bake, prepare one package of Raspberry Jell-O as directed on the box.
  3. Also, take a can of Lemon Icing (or Vanilla and grate some lemon peel) and mix it into a small tub of Cool-Whip.
  4. As soon as the Cupcakes come out of the oven, poke holes in the tops of them with a fork.
  5. Pour the liquid Jello over the Cupcakes, and refrigerate 1 hour.
  6. Frost the top with your Lemon Icing and top with Spice Drops!