Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pastels are the Ice Cream of the Rainbow

I've been seeing a lot of delicious pastel ensembles on Wardrobe_Remix, prompting me to break out my creamsicle/pink/minty green items myself. When executed correctly, with some nice neutrals to break things up, pastels give an ethereal (read: not saccharine) quality to an outfit, and with black are rather striking. Peep my examples, above.

First, uber trendy BettyJack turns her ultra-femme dress a little edgier with a slouchy fit, hipster scarf, and black cowboy boots.

Second, puzzledthoughts turns what could be a rather rock-ish ensemble into something dreamy and demure with a lavender ombre cardigan and maryjanes.

Next up, we have No Signposts who first makes a cream skirt pop against grey and grey-blues, which are kept from floating off by brown loafer-type shoes. In the second pic, her taupe blouse is a perfect foil for the bright jeans.

Lastly, the always lovely La Meow Vintage pairs her lavender shorts with nude heels and a black top (with some rather excellent roses, by the way).

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