Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On Me Today

How was your Earth Day? I didn't do anything drastic, like recycle, but I did make sure to be outside as much as possible, stopping to smell flowers and mimic geese and squirrels.

I presented a midterm project today which consisted of a photoshopped image of an ear of corn driving a Hummer, belching out fumes that obscure the sun. Very apropos (Earth day). Later, I went to the local organic-food mecca where they were giving away their famous, outstanding veggie burgers in honor of the day, then headed to the park to watch the pond fish. I need to take my camera out more often!

I reduced, re-used, and possibly recycled nearly every element of my outfit (minus the tank, Express).

Oh, and peep the wine rack I picked up off the curb on the way home! Debuting my new shoe-storage system!


bestie said...

great earth day outfit! heeh.(: i didn't do anything drastic either but i so wanted to!

Natasha said...

Great skirt! I like the idea of a wine rack for shoes.