Monday, April 21, 2008

Latest Obsession

Just when I thought I was over gold, and would never be into Vans, I find these lovelies! Perfect for the purple denim jumpsuit I newly thrifted to go see MIA in (MIA=!!!!!!).
However, I have been longing, for some time now, for a pair of these so-basic-they're-hype Converse:

And then this guilty pleasure... Pastry shoes (designed by Russell Simmons' nieces) in this, the flirtiest of pinks. Also potentially good when paired with the purple jumpsuit, but kinda make me want to break out the white leggings I've been hiding and wear my curvy little denim dress, also newly thrifted (don't worry, pictures to come!)

However, all things considered, the Converse and Vans can both be purchased, together, for around the same cost as the one pair of semi-unwearable Pastries...

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Pastry Shoes said...

would love to see a pic of u rockin the outfit AND the pastry kicks!