Wednesday, April 28, 2010

T-shirt Menagerie.

 Cardigan:  thrifted.  Skirt:  thrifted.  Shoes:  MIA.  Belt:  Urban Outfitters.  Tank:  Insight via Cultist.

Even though I'm elated to have an 8-5, and to have the knowledge of where I'll be from day to day and be able to plan things at night, it really is astounding how much time 9 hours is to one's wakeful life.  As someone who has typically done things on a variable schedule, it's definitely something to get used to, in terms of re-organizing one's schedule. 

I've been waiting weeks to build up the chutzpah to iron this skirt and wear it, and happily I did and I am in lurve.  The longer length feels almost subversive, and khaki is something I trot out every once in a never.  No many detail photos today, as it was raining and dark and my camera dislikes both of those situations, but my needlepoint belt is a point of interest, and the very first thing I ever bought from Urban Outfitters way back in the Nineties, ya'll!

As for the top, I have a small, but growing collection of these animals-in-costume tanks from Insight.  The one I have on, of course, features a little kitty in a beret with a paint brush.  It was a toss-up between that, and the raccoon with the whisk in the chef hat; hopefully I can grab that one soon! 

Here's the rest of them... let's all drool along, shall we?  If pastel animals on tank tops fail to arouse your interest, I redirect you here...

This one I love because it reminds me of the cake-toppers at our wedding...

What about you guys?  What items of clothing do you collect?  Are they part of a series, or are you on a "see scarves, buy them" regimen?



Monday, April 26, 2010

Playing Catch-up.

It's a been a busy last couple of days!  Saturday, we threw a surprise party for our friend and I wore the following...

Sweater: Urban Outfitters.  Leggings:  Old Navy.  Shoes:  Grandview Weekend Outlet.  Tank:  Target.  Necklace:  Homako.

Dressing to look Sexy Pahhty is not really my strong-suit; coupled with the fact that I really like to get down, it's a downright SAT-problem of an outfit planning.  Though I doubt anyone would care to emulate this particular look, I will tell you that FLATS and a sports bra are a girl's best friends if she wants to do this all night...

Oh, you heard me all right.  And lest I be judged to be Liz Lemon's sartorial cousin, feast your eyes on my feet.  Those sandals have lion's heads on them.

Sorry.  Lions.  Sorry.  Lions.

I truly apologize for making you look at my feet.  It's one of those things you just can't unsee... but it was worth it, right??  I mean, c'mon... lions!!!  My friend Wanda Petunia took the following amazing photo of that evening with her Hipstamatic for iPhone...'s a little slug crawling on my arm.  Seriously, this makes me wish all my photos looked like this.  I'm still holding out for Verizon to offer the iPhone, but the Hipstamatic is about to send me tumbling over the edge!  Imagine how much more palatable pictures of feet would be!!

Alrighty, time for me to decide whether to go get some Chinese food or workout...  hmm...



Friday, April 23, 2010

Does Earth Day even happen any more??

Just squeezing under the wire (I think) to present you my Earth-day themed post.  I don't know about you, but Earth Day is getting less and less fanfare each year, it seems.  Today, I almost didn't realize it was here... we had a big party at work for Take Your Kid To Work Day (also today), for which I made Watergate salad (omnomnom), which is green, so I very possibly inadvertently celebrated Earth Day.


In line with my inadvertent celebrating of Earth Day, I wore a rather boho top, if I do say so myself.  In a previous post, I mentioned that I hate all things hippie, but upon saying so, I issued a challenge to myself to find and incorporate something of that ilk into my regular rotation.

Jeans:  New York & Company.  I highly recommend them, especially if you are on the curvier side.   Shoes:  thrifted.  Top:  Francesca's.  Hat: thrifted.

My main concern with flowy tops is I think they make me look dumpy both by virtue of shapelessness and drab, dinge-making colors.  This one is slightly more fitted (hurrah!) and is a pale, metallic gold.  I'll be sad --if and when-- metallic gold leaves the fashion scene... we're so tight.

Shoes:  Thrifted Eddie Bauer.

What you're seeing on the ground there is one of many beer cans that get thrown into the yard.  If only the neighborhood drunks knew, every time you litter, a little baby bunny gets whacked.  It ain't right. 

Earrings:  Urban Outfitters.  Ring:  Macy's.

Also of mild, hippie-ishness is the fact that I'm not wearing any make-up in these photos... and these I took right as I was saying to myself-- do I have the energy to even take these clothes off before I crash out on the couch??

Is eating dandelion fluff bad for you???

Well, I never did get that nap but I did enjoy a brisk walk, some Pilates, and an episode of America's Biggest Loser.  It's like a chick flick to me; I cry every episode!  I seriously hope Sunshine wins, but don't tell me because I'm actually a couple of weeks behind.  It takes a lot of emotional steeling of myself to bear the rollercoaster of Biggest Loser, that, and I can only watch it if I'm alone.  I know.

What do you guys do for Earth Day, if anything?  Was there a big deal made of it in your town?  What's your TV guilty pleasure??



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Eli-" peaked in the 1880s.

I'm a g-man.  A suit.  That's right, a state-employed clerk.  My new assignment leads me to a researching/red-stamping/archiving position for the Department of Health; specializing in birth records.

Sweater:  Thrifted.  Dress:  thrifted.  Belt:  thrifted.  Bag: Grandview Weekend Outlet.  Tights:  Target.  Shoes:  Nine West.

Despite it's seemingly dry nature, I actually have a lot of fun with this; going through birth records and thinking about people's names; noting that before they stopped recording people's occupations on birth certificates in the mid-1960's in Ohio, that most Ohioans were machinists or insurance salesmen.  Another thing I really like is the ability to recognize name trends... that names that begin with "Car-" were most popular in the 1950's, names that start with "Mad-" were most popular in the 1990's.  If you haven't checked out Baby Name Wizard's blog yet, they have an awesome visualization tool to show you how names rank in popularity nationwide throughout the years, starting in the 1870's or so, to present.

  Pocketed, for her pleasure.

I'm still acclimating myself to dressing for this office.  Today I was subjected to a series of non-smiling, head-to-toe looks from only women; which lead me to my first conclusion-- run and hide in the first sweater set and ass-obscuring khakis that you can find.  But more recently, I settle on my second conclusion, which is that the outfit pushes boundaries, but the overall impression is good.

The tote bag is a special new get for me; I traipsed off to the tiny, backwoods hometown of a friend a couple of weeks ago, and they have an outlet there that only sells new Target merchandise that is super off-season, for like, $1.  This golden tribute to Timex set me back 97 cents.  I also came away with some sandals from the Miss Trish for Capri thing they did last year-- the golden ones with the lions on them, for $2, and a long, olive green, racer-back maxi dress-- they'll mosey on here as soon as June rolls around, I'm sure!

Til next time,


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wakie wakie!

While you're shaking off last night and enjoying a lazy Sunday morning, I thought you might enjoy this video...

Thanks to an extra special reader for sending this to me!



Friday, April 16, 2010


Last month, I took a tasty payday for writing a few papers for a student.  Moral snobs, look away.  One of the papers required me to read Nathanael West's Day of the Locust and watch the film as well.  If you haven't read the book, I don't recommend watching the film (even though it is a note-perfect adaptation) unless of course, you want to be dazzled by Faye Greener's fabulous 1930's Hollywood wardrobe.

High-waisted skirt, sash, a fuzzy angora sweater and beret, and a donut perfectly suit Faye's character, which is an affected, not-too-bright girl dead-set on stardom. 

White is essentially Faye's hallmark color in film, and silk, her trademark fabric.  I love the giant butterflies on this dress; and especially the back-view:

I'm in love with the hat, wide-leg pants (um... not captured here) and cropped blouse with the tiny little belt at the waist.

Yet another cropped top and a sarong-style skirt, I think this one also has a butterfly print...

The above ensemble haunts my dreams.  Oh, to be wearing this when I traipse off to the beach this July!!

Seriously.  I'm going to find out who did the wardrobe for this film and watch everything else she worked on.  Who wouldn't kill for this sweater, with a longish pencil skirt and saddle shoes?

If you'd like to see more, I uploaded a whole bunch onto my Flickr as well.

And now-- off to my weekend!  Hope you have a glorious one!



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Store Updates; A New Adventure.

I'm the type that thrives on busyness.  It seems the more I have scheduled, the more I get done.  I listed a few new things in the store.  As you'll see, my obsession with adorable, walkable shoes and tiny purses has manifested itself in my latest uploads...

After, I met up with some folks regarding a new venture of mine.  The arts organization that I belong to threw up their hands in blogging despair, so I volunteered to take it on.  Here, we make notes about what I should blog about regarding their annual huuuuge party.  Details to come. 

One of the gals in attendance noted that I had "changed my shoes", as somehow I have became known as the girl with bright gold shoes.  "Do you change your outfits often in one day?"  She asked.  "Sometimes, yes..." Like my childhood heroine, Nancy Drew, I sometimes change outfits during the day, if only to put myself in a new mindset for the next "chapter" in my schedule.  Maybe as my days get busier, I'll put myself through ever-more costume changes.  Here's what I wore to the meeting...

Oxford:  WalMart.  Wrap Skirt:  Mayan Connection.  Shoes:  Steve Madden.  Bag:  thrifted.

My camera has started to take quite pukey pictures lately; I don't have much in the way of explanation of these last couple of pictures.  I'm annoyed because I enjoyed wearing this number.  Simple, and just business-y enough with enough color and pattern to pass for art hag.

My friend E.L. is an avid wearer of blue nail-polish.  I first started admiring it last summer, and no lie, since then, I have test driven about 10 different shades, all unflattering in their own special ways, before finding this one.  I am thrilled with its aquamarine hue and dull sheen.  I only rue that it comes in a half-sized bottle that I found in what must have been a bin of rejects at the Sally Beauty Supply in the less-traveled parts of town.  For reference, it's called Bonita "Blue Savannah". Must... find... more...

The bag is a favorite new thing for me as well, it's a vintage Dooney & Bourke bag and, while I don't really get wild over labels, it is the real deal-- no glued on duck for me!  Although from this photo, it could be a sperm whale for all we know.

Til the next chapter,



Monday, April 12, 2010

My take on...

I found this chevron-striped skirt, and visions of the 1970's take on the 1930's danced through my head. I wasn't sure what to pair with it, but as soon as I saw Eyeliah's recent post featuring her fine self in a dreamily stripe-alicious concoction, I caught the fever. 

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and I do admire this blogger for her commitment to commenting on so many of our blogs; her social networking prowess and personal touch are definitely something I wish I had more of!  So here goes, my take on Eyeliah.

Shoes:  Nine West.  Skirt:  Thrifted.  Belt:  Thrifted.  Blouse:  The Gap.  Bag:  My shop!  Hat:  thrifted.

My camera truly hates stripes it seems, so here's a close-up so you can get a better gander at the stripes involved in this venture.

I'm also extremely flippin' fond of this hat; although hat-wearing is alien to me in seasons not ending in -inter

Laurel Earrings:  Target.

Although, the shade-providing aspects of a huge hat are attractive to me now that I take my fair skin seriously.  Also, it makes me feel like Iris in Taxi Driver, but um-- older and less exploited. 

My head is inside this hat.  Deep inside.

The point of this picture is not only to convince you to let me sit on your Viper in my leather shorts, but also to display the charms of this lovely bag, which is currently in my store, but now that it goes so awesomely with the rest of the ensemble makes me kind of regret it! 

Til next time...


Friday, April 9, 2010

Tip of the Iceberg

 I just spent the day re-organizing my shoe avalanche collection.  Consider this post my audition for "Extreme Hoarders:  Shoe Edition".  Sigh!

Although, perhaps I perjure myself.  What's the difference between a collector and a hoarder?  I think that collectors show off their possessions with pride.  Not sure if what I'm feeling right now is necessarily pride, but then again you won't find any coupons, pizza boxes or fossilized possums in here.  Perhaps I'm feeling tentative relief. 

Hmm... to buy:  Boot forms.

Just a short post for today-- I find myself suddenly in the position of having 3 jobs, all received on the same day.  Despite the overwhelmingness of it, I am quite thankful to have "too many jobs" as my most pressing problem.  Seriously.  Universe, I like ya, but you're crazy.

Til later,


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

En elaborate setup in which I debate how to spend parts of my tax refund.

A couple of days ago, I went to see a screening of the 1977 film, Hausu.  It was so crazy good, I can't get it out of my head.  If you like Schiaparelli, Dali, Dada-ism, cat clocks, blood-thirsty pianos or Yellow Submarine, you'll most definitely find something to like in this surrealist horror.  It's about 7 girls who visit one girl's aunt out in the country side, only to find that they've stepped into some seriously haunted territory.  Here's a peek-- it'll give you some idea, but really, if it stops by your city's screens, you must check it out.

If seeing something, merely for the opportunity to see something which defies description isn't enough for you, then know that it is also a laugh-riot brimming with creative-because-we're-broke special effects.  Lastly, the costumes provide plenty of inspiration, making me wish I were brusque enough to snap pictures in a movie theater, because there really are no suitable-for-the-sake-of-discussing-fashion clips online.

Submitted, for your perusal are a grouping of Oxford shoes (my current drool), 1 picked for each girl, and every one under $60 (resourceful-because-I'm-broke).

We begin with Mac, who, despite looking to be an American size 6-8, is said to be the "fat one".  She's constantly eating, tortured by her appetite.  Necessarily, she dies first, pulling a watermelon out of a well.  I've picked the above pictured oxfords for her, because the stud detailing is rude and childlike looking, as though someone merely pushed thumbtacks into their shoes, perfectly befitting Mac's impulsive and haphazard nature.  But they are, however, still cute and trendy; Mac was last seen wearing a dolphin-shorted romper. 

Prof makes an unassuming entrance in some baggy, pleated Bermuda shorts, of the type that every foreign exchange student in the 80's was known to wear with medical-looking knee-high socks with peregrine brand-names printed at the tops.  Prof, however won me over with her supersized, perfectly round glasses frames.  I bequeath unto her these Lahaies, in hopes of seeing her wear them in a reprised knee-highs with shorts combo, possibly with suspenders and a sequinned tube top.  Everyone gets a tube top in this fantasy, even the dorks.  I don't discriminate.

Gorgeous, of course, is the main character, the Lauren Conrad of the bunch if you will.  She sports a gauzy white tunic with matching white flares for most of the film, pulling out her compact from time to time to powder her nose while her girlfriends playfully rue her.  If there were any oxford that I'd like to see with a flowing white, gauzy ensemble, it would be this suede/sparkly pair.  Urge to buy, rising.

Fantasy is a daydreamer, a catastrophizer, an airhead.  But, as Prof mentions early in the movie, Fantasy's capriciousness is also her greatest strength.  What better shoe than one that reminds one as little as possible that one's feet are indeed, on terra firma?  And while these shoes may not be useful for say, working construction, they are most certainly an asset to a wardrobe full of floaty skirts, dirndl vests and lockets.  

These nearly came home with me on a recent trip to Forever 21, but as I stood in line, I noticed my hands becoming increasingly covered in glitter.  This may not be a problem for some, but for me, if my hands are covered in glitter, there better also be a glow-in-the-dark retainer in my mouth.  Unlike myself, Melody can't seem to avoid things she loves, even if they may end up killing her.  Did I mention the blood-thirsty piano?  As the musical one of the bunch, she entertains (herself) to death, much like the Gloved One.  And while Melody is a conservative and feminine dresser, every girl needs something fab to wear to their final recital.

Sweet is the fundamental girl-stereotype of the bunch.  She wears lots of florals, and her trademark characteristic is her --yes, sweetness-- but also her love of doing housework.  I can hear your grumbles from here.  But she does get to wear a lovely, ruffled, pinafored apron the entire time, and finally meets her fate in a nasty confrontation with a dolly.  Not only is the pattern on this puppy feminine and sugary sweet, the shape and the leather laces are simple and unchallenging, like young Sweet herself.  It is interesting to note that the back heel of this shoe has a logo that looks like an open, toothy mouth, sort of like the logo to the movie has.

What's this you say?  Not an oxford?  Well this shoe I've saved for my favorite character, Kung Fu, and she, like this shoe, is another breed.  She opens unyielding jars, she runs up walls, and she kicks evil cats in their faces.  That, and she spends the last half of the movie in a pair of blue poka-dot, side-tie bikini bottoms and a boy tank (she lost her skirt in a fight with a demonic axe) and doesn't miss a beat.  For her, she gets the only flat, closed-toe footwear appropriate for such unyielding badassery.  I only pray that she pair them with some cropped, skinny trousers and a tie-front, sleeveless gingham blouse.  Or possibly a gigantic blazer and a sequinned tube top-- like I told ya.  Not discriminating. 

Til next time,



Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!  I'm debuting my shorter locks as promised, in a flapper-ish ensemble-- how apropos!  One of the best pieces of advice I've ever read is, if you're planning on switching up your hairstyle, or you really want the stylist to "get" what you're going for, the best course of action is to come to the appointment dressed in the mode of the style you're going for. 

Sweater:  thrifted.  Polka-dot Tights: Target.  Shoes:  MIA.  Beyond wrinkled Dress/Slip:  F21.  Bow:  Me-made.

I hate doing this extreme and corny a close-up of myself but I really am loving my little bow necklace that I made out of the discarded hem of a dress that I tore into strips and braided.

What's next?  I point into the horizon, or check the time with an exaggerated sweep of my watch-wearing arm?

And here, a peep at these cloisonne key earrings that I actually wear quite a lot, but now they will actually get a chance of being seen now that my hair's a little shorter. 

Speaking of peeps, Easter really snuck up on me this year.  It may be the first time that I haven't done anything with my family, or my Sweets'.  I slept with the window open last night, too, and I think I made myself sick that way so even if there were jelly beans or Peeps to be had, they wouldn't likely stay down, anyway.  I'm reminded of the following song by one of my favorite but oft-overlooked Nineties bands--

I'll have to rectify this missing-of-Easter business soon...