Friday, April 25, 2008

This just in: Dresses are Dead, but Fear Not!!

Dresses are Dead, so says the NY Times in this piece by Guy Trebay.

Magazine editors and the higher-ups in the fashion biz are saying that dresses are on their way out. I agree.

For the last twenty years or so, dresses have been a fringe-type fashion statement, worn only by the most girly of girls or womanly of women. For you see, a dress has special powers, able to capture, in essence, femininity and project it to the world. When I wear a dress, I feel supremely female and I don't wonder if I'm put together or not, for a dress requires only the matching of bag and heels...

The mainstream American woman is perhaps, too low-key to project such an image, and jeans and chinos rule supreme! But there has been a rise in the popularity of ultra-casual jersey dresses, and these seem to have struck a note with a wide swath of these women. Sadly, these dresses, unless super well-made, look wilted and shapeless and wholly unflattering. These dresses are thankfully fleeing the stage. These dresses are going out of style. These proliferate garments, when they go, will take a huge chunk out of the dress scene, but those that remain, and their wearers, are safe from fashion nay-say-ery.

Because for those whom dresses suit (women who believe they are more comfortable/look better than jeans or pants), it is an iconic style, a signature.

Here I am sporting my newly thrifted denim jumper... in fact, I am 100% thrifted today

And for the aforementioned ladies, a whole plethora of amazing vintage dresses (some bona fide collector's pieces!) are going up in the store over the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled!

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princessmillatwoshoes said...

I read that article and thought only "sweet, more dresses for the rest of us"! The Ny times style section is kinda redundant anyways in my humble opinion. Having said this, your rocking those pants has made me want to wear a pair, which is sort of unheard of!