Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fashion candy!

Above, Shopaholic_supergirl from Wardrobe Remix. I'm not sure "wear" to start! The shoes and dress give the semblance of buttoned-upness, but the playful color and easy fit of the dress make it thoroughly modern and unstuffy. The dip-dyed tights help the funk along in their pixie hue, and the heart shades are probably the singular instance of these looking fashionable and cute on anyone. Ever. And that setting! Sigh...

One man's --ahem-- trash, I suppose...

So, another fun aspect of my visit to my parents' this weekend was I found these vintage Dingo boots I thrifted when I was 14 or so. They were too big then, still a bit too big now, but definitely wearable.

Cowboy boots have been a staple in my wardrobe since my teen years, and I expected them to be so for forever, but when I put these on, I had a queer feeling, not helped by this post by The Sartorialist. And while they did look quite good, I realized they were giving me an Identity Crisis! Cowboy boots no longer align themselves with my self-concept. Well.

I'm quite sure they will be quite the find to some lovely lass, so they are awaiting a new home in the store!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Warrioring

Ah, the weekend... Saturday, Chantal came over to model some of the goods for the store and it was such fun and she looked (and was) terrific!

I had never tried the dress below on, but when I saw it on Chantal I just had to! It perfectly fills the gap in my wardrobe where a semi-dressy, conservative item should be. I love the shape, and of course brown and navy are an irrepressibly classy combo. I've got a nice, "luggage brown" skinny belt to pair with this and the heels in the pic.

That evening, I visited my Cincinnati friends and folks. My friend Jenn, my Dad and I went thrifting Sunday morning in the vintage mecca that is the Village Thrift of Newport, KY. My Dad was so fun to try things out with! His favorite suggestion is a "sash".

I left with a few of the Seventeen magazines I have stashed in the parents' house from the mid 1990s, as well as one I have from 1982 (featuring a 19-year-old Whitney Houston's advice on dyeing your eyelashes)! Scans to come! I'm excited about the 1994 issues especially, featuring lots of terrific geek chic looks...

Here I am today, creepin' in my man's basement as I take flat measurements for the incoming dresses! Trench, mildly Mayim Bialik reminiscent blouse, and penny loafters are vintage and thrifted, the black skinny jeans are from Urban Outfitters.

[Mayim image via www.liberalbanana.blogspot.com]

Friday, April 25, 2008

And for those of you keen to wave bye-bye to dresses...

This lovely lass (jodache from wardrobe_remix)!

Esoteric pants of all sorts of 30's and 70's-ish persuasions will be making their ways into your closets.

Love this sweater, A, and B, the fit of these jeans is so right-on. I predict some wide, pleated tweedy trousers with tucked in sweaters will be the look for Fall this year.

.... I also predict a lot of pants-hemming for me in the future...

God I love that sweater!

This just in: Dresses are Dead, but Fear Not!!

Dresses are Dead, so says the NY Times in this piece by Guy Trebay.

Magazine editors and the higher-ups in the fashion biz are saying that dresses are on their way out. I agree.

For the last twenty years or so, dresses have been a fringe-type fashion statement, worn only by the most girly of girls or womanly of women. For you see, a dress has special powers, able to capture, in essence, femininity and project it to the world. When I wear a dress, I feel supremely female and I don't wonder if I'm put together or not, for a dress requires only the matching of bag and heels...

The mainstream American woman is perhaps, too low-key to project such an image, and jeans and chinos rule supreme! But there has been a rise in the popularity of ultra-casual jersey dresses, and these seem to have struck a note with a wide swath of these women. Sadly, these dresses, unless super well-made, look wilted and shapeless and wholly unflattering. These dresses are thankfully fleeing the stage. These dresses are going out of style. These proliferate garments, when they go, will take a huge chunk out of the dress scene, but those that remain, and their wearers, are safe from fashion nay-say-ery.

Because for those whom dresses suit (women who believe they are more comfortable/look better than jeans or pants), it is an iconic style, a signature.

Here I am sporting my newly thrifted denim jumper... in fact, I am 100% thrifted today

And for the aforementioned ladies, a whole plethora of amazing vintage dresses (some bona fide collector's pieces!) are going up in the store over the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On Me Today

How was your Earth Day? I didn't do anything drastic, like recycle, but I did make sure to be outside as much as possible, stopping to smell flowers and mimic geese and squirrels.

I presented a midterm project today which consisted of a photoshopped image of an ear of corn driving a Hummer, belching out fumes that obscure the sun. Very apropos (Earth day). Later, I went to the local organic-food mecca where they were giving away their famous, outstanding veggie burgers in honor of the day, then headed to the park to watch the pond fish. I need to take my camera out more often!

I reduced, re-used, and possibly recycled nearly every element of my outfit (minus the tank, Express).

Oh, and peep the wine rack I picked up off the curb on the way home! Debuting my new shoe-storage system!

Today's Sartorially Enterprising Miss

Sherbet_Tone on Wardrobe Remix. Let's break it down: The sunglasses have a not-quite-on-trend but flattering and almost kind of eerie quality (explain? bah!) The vest is somehow so punky in its graphic childlike-ness, the perfect balance to an otherwise quotidian white sundress! The belt in brown takes the contrast between red and white down a notch, and of course, the "thrown on yet girly" matching flats are the final, fab touch.

[image via www.wardroberemix.com]

Monday, April 21, 2008

I just had to share....

Little thrifted things...

A hummingbird pin with enamel and little rhinestones...

A bangle in the perfect shade of pastel teal, a giant "sapphire" cocktail ring, a ring with a unicorn on it, and a ring emblazoned with my current state of residence. Can't beat the hipsteriness of giving Ohio a shout out!

A beautiful locket-type pendant. Flowers, golden scroll, extra long chain.... Not quite my own style, but a definite must for someone else! In the store soon!

I nearly flipped my biscuit when I spied this gorgeous yellow dress with crochet insets and hibiscus details! :::die!!!::: Ditto for these vintage grey, lace-up booties with wood soles and awesome cutouts!

Latest Obsession

Just when I thought I was over gold, and would never be into Vans, I find these lovelies! Perfect for the purple denim jumpsuit I newly thrifted to go see MIA in (MIA=!!!!!!).
However, I have been longing, for some time now, for a pair of these so-basic-they're-hype Converse:

And then this guilty pleasure... Pastry shoes (designed by Russell Simmons' nieces) in this, the flirtiest of pinks. Also potentially good when paired with the purple jumpsuit, but kinda make me want to break out the white leggings I've been hiding and wear my curvy little denim dress, also newly thrifted (don't worry, pictures to come!)

However, all things considered, the Converse and Vans can both be purchased, together, for around the same cost as the one pair of semi-unwearable Pastries...

[images via alloy.com, zappos.com]

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vogue, December 1976.

In my second installment of last Wednesday's Vogue discoveries, I thumbed through December of 1976. The thing I loved most about this issue is that it is entirely populated by work separates, Gloria Vanderbilt, and "The Great Gatsby" movie inspirations. Most obviously so, this beautiful ad. I believe it was for cigarettes. The hat and wavy little short cut are adorable, the very unstuffy, nautical twinset and Gilligan-reminiscent pants (I always loved his sailor jeans and white sneakers!) are clean, classic and sporty-romantic.

As you can see below, the whole cast looks terrific... Mary Ann was another style icon for me!

This was an advertisement for Fashion Quorum. The wide-sleeved, easy coat and simple, substantial clutch. This is what I'd like to be wearing in my 40's and 50's.

The little hats don't stop!! I love this pared-down 1920's ensemble. Timeless, chic, and ever-so-wearable. The scarf is almost like a piece of jewelry; the plaid wrap provides just enough interest to keep the outfit out of basics Blahville. She's got a pretty stupendous ride, too.

In case the government is reading, this is how I'll be spending my relief check this summer: on some over-the-top, yet classic giant prescription glasses. This Gloria Vanderbilt ad had me gasping when I saw it-- these are exactly what I'm lusting for, especially in the top left and bottom right.
Lastly, I had to include this pic, hearkening back to my earlier post about furries and fashion. It has ROOTS people, it has roots!

[images via Vogue, 12/76, Gilligan's island pic via www.georgehernandez.com]

Friday, April 18, 2008

Vogue, September 1986

Without an authority figure or sense of direction at my gig at the Historic Costume and Textile Collection, I sauntered on down to the basement to see if any magazines needed putting away. ;)

While there, I found this striking geometry-focused fashion editorial in Vogue from Sept 1986. One of my favorite things about vintage Vogues? Their "news" section, laid out like a newspaper, on happenings and trends of the moment.

Those jewels remind of you of like-- every garment available for sale this past winter?

Looks like we have pre-yoga Christy Turlington here in a boat-necked column dress, jazz shoes (just like the ones I picked up last weekend!), sheer black hose (mark my words. these will be the hotness this fall!), the most amazing pair of wayfarers I've ever seen, and fierce, poodle-themed accessories. De-planing no less! This is a fashion photo.

Click on this pic to see the details a little clearer. Such a precise, "I am verking on zee aht" look! The wide shoulders don't look over the top, and the tunic length loses its ubiquitous casualness with the stiff cut. I love the pants, as well, with their slim --not skinny-- silhouette hitting at the ankle, further highlighted by the banded slides. This is an outfit about wrists and ankles and your one huge hoop earring. Love it.

Turbans seemed to be the glamour-standard for headgear in the Eighties. I saw lots of 'em! I think turbans are elegant to the extreme, but if not done by someone who knows how, turbans can smack of the C-word. Here, it is a sleek counterpart to the triangularized hourglass shape of this shirtdress. This triangle repeats in the lone (!) earring.

The thing that struck me most about this photo is how unabashedly and beautifully large boobed and hipped this model appears in her menswear-ish dress. This model is truly statuesque, strong and gorgeous. I'm inspired!

[images via Vogue (09/1986) and the Historic Costume and Textiles Collection at The Ohio State University]

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Pet Projects!

If you look to the right, you'll see a link to the Etsy store I am slowly building!! I'll have a grand unveiling in a couple of weeks when everything's been uploaded, but I couldn't wait to start! I'm adding new things every day, and I'm so excited to watch it take shape.

I will be featuring vintage shoes (lotsa shoes!), dresses, one-pieces, accessories and the occasional, indispensably cute vintage kitchen or home items. I am so, completely stoked about this. Here I am today in a thrifted blouse, Urban Outfitters Jeans, American Rag jacket, newly thrifted booties ( <3 !! ) and newly thrifted mug with sweet flapper design on it.

And on a similar note, though less of a "big deal", I've started a new Flickr group! It's called "Mad for Madras" and features folks wearing that warm-weather icon and one of my favorite fabrics in the world, Madras!

According to Vidya at It's all about me !!!, Madras was originally worn solely by rickshaw folk (so funny that is often associated with Ralph Lauren types having summers in Martha's Vineyard!) In the 1960's, Madras was a huge hit in part because the dyes were not colorfast, and so every time they were washed, a new, different, swirly tie-dye like appearance would result.

In other news, my lecture last Friday on Symbolic Interaction and Identity Theory went so well! I got a lot of laughs and compliments afterwards, which truly warmed my cockles. I've been having future-ideas about professing on topics relating to pop culture/cultural anthropology/history/dress, and this definitely helped congeal them a bit! I get to do it again on Thursday, this time the topic is Gender Identity.

As part of the Identity Theory lecture, I asked the class to write down the names they thought best suit themselves. My faves were "Sateen Sailor Moon", "Joy Skyline" and "Starsleek Sass"... What would you name yourself, if you could? What name do you feel you "are"?

[madras image via www.blogwithadifference.blogspot.com]

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thrifting Weekend

This weekend, the man and I took a trip to the furthest reaches of Ohio to get restocked with some new goods! Behold, the shoes! It's so hard to let them go when they're in your size!

On me today, a totally thrifted outfit, except for the American Eagle capris... feeling very much the glamor-puss today.

Excuuuuuse my beautay!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Coupon Codes!

I'd never known that you could Google promo codes for shipping and whatnot until I perused the Fab Finds Under 50 blog.

American Eagle is a lifestyle brand that reflects neither my life nor style, but the few things I've gotten from there are always well-fitting, last ages, and are reasonably priced (especially when armed with a coupon code!) I've been needing a pair of jeans for like, eons, so I found a pair on sale I liked (though, I wish they were a bit more uniformly dark), Googled "american eagle promo code" and visited Retail Me Not's site, which features over 70,000 searchable coupons for Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and more!

Result? I got a brand new pair of jeans for $23.

[image via ae.com]

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kamishima Chinami

The more I look, the more I love! Kamishima Chinami's show (3/10) was a beautiful gothic fantasy. I love this utility-goes-pretty cocoon coat with the whimsical little moss-like hat and bow-as-scarf.

The gunmetal grey and unstructured skirt spice up an otherwise standard-issue bustier dress. The necklace is so soft and beautiful, as well.

This is my personal fave. The mad-hatter style moss-hat, plus the juxtoposition of furry and structured in the jacket is so elegantly cartoonish. The flower-like appliques (reminiscent of Marchesa's collection for Fall o8) seem to grow upwards from the hem and the shoes are a bit of earth for them to grow out of.

Love it. The dip-dye is awesome, and of course, leather and tulle is just one of those counter-culture stylings with classic appeal!

[images via www.jfw.jp]


More on Japan Fashion Week! The only designer who really brrrought it for men was ATO. I love their take on high-waisteds for men and dramatic scarves with techno-boots.

The women's pieces were a bit too "ugly raver" for me, but this long, 20's-inspired dress with the sheer, wooly overlay caught my eye.

[images via www.jfw.jp]

Friday, April 11, 2008

Car-inspired look of the day...

As I was leaving campus yesterday, I saw this rather bad-ass Explorer. Back in the day, circa age 16, I was a HUGE car dork, and vowed that one day I would have an El Camino with spree wheels or at least an orange Acura Integra with a body kit and ridiculous spoiler. Have you seen those wheels that display digital messages? Wild!

Inspired, I sported my vintage "GTO: Get turned on" tank today with a thrifted leopard-print scarf, thrifted denim jacket, American Rag jeans and Converse.

Vroom, beeyatch!

Hisui, Ylang Ylang

Hisui's (3/12) collection was OUTSTANDING. Looking at these pics, it's hard to believe how much I hated winter when the possibility of dressing oneself like this exists! So cocoon like and cozy, with the spiderweb headpieces evoking the silence of winter.

Another take on the cocoon theme, a little more streamlined, and colorful! love the body-skimming, tunic length sweater and floor-length skirt in combination, with the movement-creating tassels and diagonally-oriented stripe at the hip.

Here we have Ylang Ylang (3/12). While many of this collection's beautiful pieces were quite structured and reminiscent of 1950's YSL, there were some other, less conventional pieces as well. Below, further inspiration for me to go out in the cold. So elegant! So simple! Dig the "undesigned" belt and gloves! All that's missing here is some giant shades, a logo bag and a pair of plane tickets.
You know "The Neverending Story"? The princess should wear this to her wedding. The bow is so cartoonish in its proportions but somber in color, and the pompoms are just too fun, increasing the sense of dimensionality to this ethereal frock.

Tribble invasion!! He he he... love it. There may be some pom poms in my future...

[photos courtesy jfw.jp]

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hiroko Koshino, Tiny Dinosaur

It's a little late in coming, but I had to post on Japan Fashion Week, as it's my favorite one. There's so much more creativity, and to an extent, unstreetworthiness (but isn't it up to us to put it on the streets?). Japanese fashion designers take their roles as artists so much more seriously. The silhouettes can be otherworldly and the fabrics themselves are works of art-- who (of us interested in fashion) hasn't heard of Pleats Please? Also, they include far fewer things in their lines, so each garment has maximum impact, and the designer's statements, memorable and concise.

Here, pics from the Hiroko Koshino show (3/13):

It's almost as if the shape of the skirt, presents its fabric to the viewer. The one below's rightful place is in my closet. Such beautiful colors and an easy-to-wear shape accomplished with (seemingly) simple draping.

Here, some pics from the Tiny Dinosaur show(3/13). Who can't love a brand called Tiny Dinosaur???

Simple and elegant kimono-sleeved, dropwaist bright plaid dress. Killer boots.

I can't get over this one! The top alone is a perfect trench-meets-tunic, and with the chocolate shiny pants is a one-two punch of sophisticated shiny-matte/voluminous-fitted pairing.

[photos courtesy jfw.jp]