Saturday, April 5, 2008

Circuit Bending

Today, my Bunz and I went to a circuit-bending workshop given by Beatrix Jar, a duo who produce music with "found sounds". They were very sweet and wonderful teachers, and I got to make my own little demonic Elmo guitar, that goes from naughty to nice with a flip of a switch.

The process involves creating new circuit pathways in children's battery operated toys so that they create new sounds that can be activated with a switch that you install in it. My favorite part was the soldering and drilling!

Here's some pics, and also me today, wearing my favorite new thrifted blouse and pumps, vest from H&M in Amsterdam several years ago, jeans from Target. Dig it!


Caroline said...

the colors of that shirt are lovely!

Missa said...
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Missa said...

I too am LOVING this color combination. Check out these Keds I just thrifted the other day.

xo, tara said...

i adore this loook! great blog!