Friday, July 11, 2008

Who cares? All cats are grey.

... Which is a mixture of black and white. Long eschewed by yours truly, black and its evil cousin white are starting to grow on me. Well, re-grow on me. Black and I have a past. Damn. If looks could kill. Really.

Senior year, seriously in love with James Iha.

For better (writing more poetry!) or for worse (neighbors bothered by endless loud New Order), the goth in me is creeping back this summer.

creep, creep!

For your (and my) consideration, a few black, white and otherwise moody frocks to punctuate one's fear, anguish and ennui.

Everybodyisugly from Wardrobe_Remix.

Simple, sexy, cool (who knew Western clogs could do that?). I dig the shape of the sleeves and the bag hanging lower than the hem of her skirt.

via facehunter

Black and white can too often be graphic or crisp; this is gloriously neither thanks to the grey jacket and unobtrusively brown satchel (methinks the grey is the "bridge" here). The white stockings are innocent-looking, without being precious or childish thanks to the square, heavy shape of the bag.

Nubby Twiglet via Wardrobe_Remix

Easy and familiar shapes to wear, but the pure white of the top and black-black of the pants accentuates the contrast between flowy shirt and tight, structured jeans. A pair of sweet shoes and Oscar-Wildish neck-action don't hurt one bit!

tweexcore from Wardrobe_Remix

Simply adorable! And "normal" enough to wear in mixed company, but with a swipe of some red lipcolor and gel-slicked hair, instantly, darkly glamorous.

via facehunter

So unapologetically glamorous, and yet completely downtown and lowkey. I love the light denim in this context -- to de-white the bright white and recall hair metal fashions when paired with the black. The gold converse are a serious delight but for me, the real icing on the cake is the little clutch which takes the whole thing from being teenaged mix-and-match to elegant lady just trying to get her casual on.



i just wanted to congratulate you

great shots
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Spandexpony said...

Thanks! You always take the best photos... and sorry about the misspelling! It's fixed now! Cheers to you as well!

Hailey @ said...

wow, look at you!! :-)