Monday, July 7, 2008

As Seen On... (sucker edition)

Saturday, July 5th. "Here Comes Your Weekend" parking lot blowout and Gallery Hop.

Laelia, Used Kids Records.

I'm a sucker for red hair, especially when in a simple, striking cut. I've heard it said that redheads shouldn't wear purple (or pink), but this girl proves otherwise. Mad otherwise.

Sandy, Hairstylist.

Just as I'm a sucker for redheads, I'm also a sucker for a hard-rockin' mama. I was pleasantly surprised to find her tattoos were of a fluffy, friendly menagerie of bunnies, snails and bugs in a garden.

"I'm still not done yet!"

They reminded me of a friend of mine whose tattoos are all of animals dressed up as tacos and hamburgers.

Sally, Animal Spirit.

Suckerism #3? Yellow and purple. This lovely lass had a cool "photographer" vibe. I dug her fearless color mixing (yellow vest, purple top; green and red sneakers) tempered by grey jeans and brown belt.

"What kind of animal are you?" "A wolf, definitely."

Sally also had some very cool jewelry on: her necklace reminded me of a full moon and a window and the phrase, "Nevermore!"

Carmen, Cat Lady.

Lastly, I'm a sucker for anyone who can pull off red and green. I love how she styled the long, loose fit of her blouse with simple, tailored accessories and shorter skirt. I love the classic summery-ness of a white skirt, and how it lets the red and green speak for iteself.



Sal said...

Lookers, every one of them. Especially love Sally's necklace, and only partially because she's a namesake.

The Clothes Horse said...

I think redheads can wear whatever colors they want and they'll still look better than the blondes and brunettes!

Spandexpony said...

I have often believed both the name Sally and red hair to be signifiers of higher being. ;)

Hailey @ said...

great photos here, I really like her tattoos too, so cute!

Spandexpony said...

Thanks Hailey! Oh, for some tattoos of my own...!