Thursday, July 3, 2008

Parasols, part Deux

I ran across these pictures in the Historic Costume and Textile Collection's curator's office. Any more carry-off-able than the Parashell? Doubtful. But now that it's raining, the appropriateness factor of a lavish protective dome is rising... risING!!!

Best... childhood...ever! Unsure of the origin of this photograph, but it was taken in the 1920s sometime. Dig the scalloped edges, and the steed! Is he spandex, by chance?

For those unfamiliar with, it was like a less mainstream, more esoteric Shopbop, and a habitual eye-candy visit for me. One thing they had, that I didn't buy (daggit!) was a trenchcoat that had two appliques, one on each shoulder blade, of an eye. Mourn! This umbrella would be, bar-none, the perfect accessory when coupled with my secret decoder ring! Groovy!

This is an engraving of a Chinese wedding procession from the turn of the 20th century. Wonder if my fiance would go for (or spring for) this? I'm getting ideas....!




Hmmm I have a post I think you might like it has a girl using a rainy-day umbrella but in a parasol like fashion. Take a peek, its the one with leopard print...


Spandexpony said...

That was sweet... I have a leopard print umbrella but something tells me (experience, ha!) that I can't quite rock it as a parasol as that girl did.