Sunday, July 27, 2008

Leggings are the New Pill Box Hat

I've heard "Style me like Michelle Obama" at work enough times to make me take pause; well, take pause, research some of the many illustrious looks of the First Lady To Be, and then make a Polyvore.

One thing I like about Michelle's style is she doesn't shy away from bright colors. She knows that 50's silhouettes work for her and she rocks them with wild abandon. Here she is with Maria Pinto, who designs most of what Michelle is snapped in in public.

When's the last time a First Lady-ish type wore a graphic print? Right on. Apparently, wearing this dress caused a big kerfuffle because it was "only" $148 from White House Black Market--- they promptly sold out of the style after Michelle's appearance on "The View".

In this, my favorite photo, Michelle rocks her much-loved shrunken cardigan and--- leggings! I can't tell you how much I love that addition because of what it says about her--- interested in keeping up with the kids and young at heart herself.

So, keeping Michelle's love of 1950's-shaped dresses, graphic prints and bright colors in mind, I devised the following thoroughly*** Presidential Polyvore. Meow!

***according to my non-public tongue-wagging version of Presidentiality.

[Michelle images via The Black Snob.]


Athreya Dilip said...

Hey, your blog lacks mens fashion styles!

hope u extend, expand n broaden the blog!

Anonymous said...

She will make a wonderful first lady.!

Amber said...

Those teal gloves are fabulous! Aww thank you! I might try to post some things that I've made soon, I usually have bellydancing in mind when I'm making things.

The Clothes Horse said...

I've never really thought of her as super stylish, but she definitely does classics with a nice bright twist.
And hmph! @ athreya dilip, why do others think they always know what someone else should write? If they know exactly how things should be they should just right their own! The pleasure of reading someone else's work is enjoying what they bring to the table...

Sal said...

Rah! Tell me immediately where/how to procure the dress in your Polyvore creation, please!

Bless Michelle. She is such a superstar, and it'll be a breath of fresh air to have a stylish young woman in the White House for a change.

Spandexpony said...

Sometimes I post about men's fashion, but I like to post about things I'm thinking about at the moment, and, probably because I'm not a man, I don't think about men's fashion all that much. But, you should definitely check out The Sunday Best or Google "men fashion blog" for your men's fashion fix!

Rebecca: thanks for your support!

Sal: It's ABS Allan Schwartz from Nordstrom.

Sal said...

Thanks for following up. They've only got size 14 left, so I'm out of luck. Sigh.

megan said...

She's got great style... and I love the Polyvore!

megan /