Saturday, July 19, 2008


I've been uploading pairs of shoes to my store and to Ebay all day...

Some 1970's Lace-up Oxfords with Diamond and Daisy Cutouts on the sides...

Early 1908s Etienne Aigner Kilty Flats... sigh!

... when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Missa from Thrift Candy has bequeathed me with this Premio award! Holy Frijoles!!! After buying myself some flowers and giving a teary-eyed speech to my mirror, I must now fulfill the duties of a Premio award winner: to pass it on to 7 other bloggers, leave a comment on their blog letting them know they've received it, linking them and the person who gave it to me (but of course!). The blogs I'm passing the lil' diamond on to are:

1) Brooklyn Bride: As an engaged girl who squirms at the overly traditional, yet is working on an extreme budget -- it's hard to find inspirations that aren't completely pedestrian and well, booorrrinngggg. Brooklyn Bride delivers, and the photos are just plain lovely.

2) Gilbea: I'm such a brute, I forgot to mention Gilbea's lovely post that she made about me and how to achieve my 'look' by buying completely from Etsy. She is an Etsy-surfing genius and can track down just about anything.

3) Petite Sophist: I love her outfits and her succinct, to the point posts that are fashion-oriented and intellectual.

4) The Clothes Horse: At risk of being like, the ten thousandth person to give this girl this award ( I looked and didn't see it though), I am really feeling this dour lass' unapologetically Hitchcockian glamour.

5) Blog Full of Jelly: Beautiful photos again, and quirky craft ideas, delicious recipes you can usually throw together with things you have around the house, and a blogger with probably the most covetable wardrobe of eclectic, colorful (mild) androgyny!

6) Fashion Haley Hits Home: One of my favorite new blogs, we share a love of flowered Docs, and her outfit posts are always inspirationally loud yet incredibly tasteful, all written with a cool, even tone.

Ohhhh!!! Help!!! There are so many wonderful blogs out there, I wish I could give one to everybody. Now I'm starting to feel rotten.

7) Already Pretty: Sal has spunk to spare, witty commentary, and some of the best practical tips I've read in awhile!

Just copy and paste the little award below and pass the love on!


bestie said...

wow, great shoes!

The Clothes Horse said...

Aw, thanks for the award and the description is brilliant! "Hitchcockian glamour"--awesome!
I really like those cut-out oxfords.

Sal said...

You big sweetie. I got this award a couple of weeks back, too, but it tickles me to get love from your awesome self. Thanks!!

Fashion Hayley said...

Thank you so much for the award. I already received it a while ago but I'm so happy to get it from you. Thanks for liking my blog and thanks sooooo much for helping me find the floral docs. Did you win the ones you were watching?

Spandexpony said...

No, I lost with a resounding "EFF!" when I logged in to check my progress.... I'm thinking I'm a little more gung-ho about the white background than the black though, so maybe it's a good thing!

Caroline said...

those first shoes are too cute! where are they from

Spandexpony said...

I thrifted them in Cincinnati!