Wednesday, July 16, 2008

As Seen On...

A few folks that caught my eye while in Cincinnati...

Anonymous Teens, Mall-ratting.

I didn't get a chance to speak much to these two, as I was helping my dad pick out a new cellphone but, for such a young dude, this guy had such a clean, effortless aesthetic! The bag is at the perfect length, and a crisp navy blazer over a simple AA-style shirt is irresistibly classic! Dude had his muted color combos down to a science. I loved how this pair had matching "bike cuffs" on their jeans as well!

Warner, World Traveler

It's too bad I didn't get the details in this shot... the yellow charm on his bag from a Shinto shrine where his friend is a priestess, or the miniature Nehru collar on the shirt and toggled buttons to the neck.

"I designed this shirt myself. I made it with 3/4 sleeves because I always roll them past the elbow anyway; why bother with all the extra fabric?"


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