Sunday, February 24, 2008


Am I the only one that thinks that Kate Moss is irrelevant? The shoes in the spread (ha) she does in this month's W Mag are worth showcasing, Kate not so much.

Not to get all Jezebel-y on ya, but when it comes to anti-femme fashion, W seems to be one of the biggest offenders. Every fashion feature contains disembodied-looking, dead-eyed girls in lecherous/crumpled over poses. It's passe as hell and certainly not inspiring. If fashion is about selling a dream, why are so many editorials look like coked-out crime scenes?

Kate, get home to your kid.

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Mr. M. said...

I noticed some of this as I was walking down 57th between 5th Ave and Park. A couple of unrelated super chi-chi stores had the same coked-out looking model, and I couldn't figure out who they thought would be into that. I mean, the clothing was a little stodgy...maybe it's for "old" rich people in their 30s and 40s, who remember the good "old" days when such modelling was edgy. Does this mean Bergdorf Goodman will be doing pedophilic American Apparel ads in ten years? Who knows. Also, Louis Vuitton had this horrible purse with jokes stenciled on the side like, "My wife looked beautiful for two days after the mud mask. Then she took off the mud." WTF?! It's almost like fashion fags sit around trying to figure out what heinous atrocities they can get a rich person to buy this season.