Monday, February 11, 2008

Mad for Mod

Many people have mentioned Mad for Mod to me before, but failed to get across just how awesome it is! Wandering around Clintonville (Columbus, OH) on Saturday with my honey, we popped in for lack of something to do. Most inspired decision. Ever.

Mad for Mod is bright, beautiful and literally crammed to the core with every oddball vintage item you ever hoped you could find. I've never seen such a diverse selection of items in one vintage shop (furniture, petticoats, books, jewelry, shoes, hats, the works)! The place was so amazing my heart raced. Plus, everything was in near-new condition priced so low I wanted to say, "Do you know what you sitting on here?" ... and they do... Nonetheless, there's even a bargain basement!

I didn't have as much time as I would have wanted to stay, but luckily I had enough time to snag a pair of brand-new, deadstock from the 60's oxblood saddle shoes, a mod leather wallet; a red white and blue wicker bag and tube top to aid and abet me in my wardrobe theme of "Americana" this summer. And to top it off, the best necklace ever, with a menagerie of sick, colorful plastic beads strung on it. As we were leaving, I spied a brown leather sunglasses case with a Pac Man ghost tooled into it and I thought I would freak, but it was time to go...

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh....What a cute couple you two are! What girl wouldn't want a guy who goes mod shopping with his girl....ahhhh :)
I Like that wicker bag. And by the way, are you predicting "Americana" this summer? Because now i feel w all your research- you are the one to follow!!
You two cuties enjoy your shopping!