Wednesday, February 6, 2008

On Me Today

Sunday, I had to work at 10am. The Goodwill on Morse Road opened at 9am. I arrived at 9:30. I snagged a white bird statue to add to the collection on the back of the stove, and this half-zip sweatshirt. Wore it today with a fancy lil' scarf, jeans, and cream Converse to chemistry lab today.


GinaG in NYC said...

I Luuuuuv that yellow treble clef sweater. I wouldn't normally wear anything representing my musical persona, but THIS i might! Especially because the clef is on the wrong side of the staff! Ok i know, looking waaaay to into it, but clearly you were given the gift of "great eyes" to discover such a sweet find at 9:30 AM!

Elissa said...

Wow! Thanks!!! Yeah, I don't normally wear shirts/sweatshirts with designs or words on them, but somehow this transcended the waning "irony" craze.