Monday, February 25, 2008

Historicism in Fashion --- The 1940's

One of my classes this quarter is about historic costume, and our final project involves finding clothing currently in collections or in stores that reflect clothing of previous decades. The challenge is to find 10 different items (you can't have 2 dresses!), from 10 different periods or decades (not a dress and shoes from the 1960's). My next few posts will be of the images I'm thinking of using for my project.

First up! The 1940's. In Urban Outfitters' online store, the pictured turban. Turbans were popular in the 40's, both as part of a classy, esoteric evening ensemble and for working around the house. The next picture is the cover of a 1940's-era Simplicity pattern. Found this at There are hundreds of fantastic vintage patterns here that I would love to use/draw inspiration from!

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kenny said...

I love your hat!