Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm too sexy for my.... profits?

Sharen Turner, CEO of Victoria's Secret says that their company has gotten "too sexy" for its own good. She says that "We've...really forgotten [our heritage], the ultra-feminine," and it's hurting their bottom line. Profits have fallen 12% in the last year. Ms. Turner says that the hyper-sexed image of Victoria's Secret has "out-paced" that of their customers; their customers are not connecting as well to their brand as they used to.

After the success of their dormwear line, Pink, they've decided that better quality and an increased focus on femininity is the way to get their customers back. I tend to agree. While I like to get my bras there because they provide the best fit and last longer than average, I am definitely averse to their "eff me, stranger" ads and in-store posters. Even though I think their clothing can be cute at times, I don't buy it, largely because I'm afraid I'll come off too eff-tastic.

Supposedly, "Victoria" is an English woman who grew up in a manor. I look forward to what Victoria's Secret puts out (lol) with this new focus on a more buttoned-up femininity.

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