Sunday, February 10, 2008

Posen, Wang, Serafpour Fall 2008

I loved Behnaz Serafpour's simple, graphic dresses. The leaf-print-as-bow device and goat-hoof looking shoes were a nice, storybook touch. However, the shoes are trimmed with actual goat hair. I wrestled with myself as to whether I should post designers or pictures that featured real fur, but in this case, it seemed an art thing. The goat-hair capes that were featured later in her collection are hideous and a waste of a perfectly good goat.

Trust me that next fall, white shoes paired with black tights is going to be the hot thing. Pastel and sheer bright tights will crop up and... I Predict that white and cream tights will come back into vogue, especially cabled or textured ones.

Vera Wang showed some "kapow" dresses, paired with giantic chains or tassel jewelry, as on this sweet, x-shaped dress above.

Zac Posen's dresses were all too girly for me, reminiscent of a classy, 1860's bordello or the cancan. But, he designs for Fun. A man who laughs a lot was conveyed through his collection. I mean, dig the mouse-ears, for Chrissakes! The dress featured above would be my first pick to wear to Vegas. Speaking of which... Cher, that handsome creature, is getting her own Vegas deal (ala Celine) and her opening night is May 6th. I. Will. Go.

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