Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Historicism --- The 1980's

Fashion today, as evidenced by the onslaught of leggings, bangles, and slouchy boots is one big 80's redux. I narrowed the playing field down to blazers. Check out this still from the 1987 flick, "Working Girl". Both Sigourney and Melanie sported wide, padded shoulders with reverse-triangular (masculine) silhouettes ending in narrow, near hip-width hems. Usually paired with a straight, kneelength skirt, this is the look the launched 1,000 TPS Reports.

While other 1980's inspirations have been fleshed out to screaming success, the big-shoulder trend continues its campaign with little result. Vivienne Westwood trotted out quite a few heavily-padded blazers for her latest collection. I love 'em, but I never needed conversion.... Padded blazers, in their proper application are one of my favorite, all-time looks.

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