Friday, February 8, 2008

On Me Today

Feeling fancy, this is what I wore to an interview at a bar today. I personally believe that when in doubt, over-dress rather than under-dress. I over-dressed. The nice lady who spoke with me wanted me to "absolutely know" that this was no frou frou lounge, but a barrrr. Like, one of those stool-throwin' joints, I said. Her last interview question was whether I had an aggressive, jealous boyfriend who might toss the place... I said, "Not since last Friday." lol

My man's a gentle beast.

Sweater: $3.99, thrifted
Tshirt: $15, Express
Bronze Belt: $.99, thrifted
Skirt: $20, thrifted
Tights: $5, Target
Shoes: $9.99, Loehmann's
Bag: $14, thrifted
Ring: $5, thrifted
Earrings: $15, Etsy

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