Sunday, February 10, 2008

Staerk, Ralph Lauren Fall 2008

Ralph Lauren, though usually not my favorite label to pick up in the department store on account of its blanditude had a show that really was one of my favorites.
Full of hunting and riding motifs as evidenced by smart jackets, high boots, and buffalo check, this show combined wearability, elegance and quirk in a way most designers didn't. I, for one, loved the mixed-size plaids, Native American-print blanket coats, exaggerated shawl collars and midi to floor-length skirts paired with stiff, little blazers with thin belts at the waist. And the whimsical extra-long quail (?) feathers crowing little hats was what sold me, for sure.

Also featured on the far right is a dress from Staerk's Goth-flavored collection. A lot of Goth influences cropped up this season, this one was my fave for the subtlety and easy shapes.

There were many simple, futuristically architectural black pieces in all the collections.

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