Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Historicism --- The 1970's

A girl came up to me at work and confessed that she had never worn skinny jeans, but now that she was used to seeing them, she thought that maybe she would try them and wanted to buy a pair. I told her that as soon as you're "used to" seeing something, it's no longer fashionable, and I steered her towards the wide-legged, trouser-style jeans that are capsizing skinny jeans' boat.

Here is a pic of one of Bill Blass' androgynous suits for Fall '08, drawing heavy on the Seventies in every way but the hair. The pants are what I'll focus on for this entry. Fitting a bit higher on the waist and with a long, lean line and in a gleaming, liquid fabric. The historical pic features a probable source of Mr. Blass' inspiration, however in this first incarnation, as a knit.

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