Friday, February 29, 2008

Hussein Chalayan Rocks! Get it, ROCKS??

Okay, I don't need to look at any more fashion shows, I've seen my favorite. Hussein Chalayan's show didn't feature the best frocks necessarily, but the show itself was perfectly executed for the designs featured.

A vocal choir stood in the wings while they beatboxed, wailed, honked, shushed and sounded all primordial. The clothes were predominantly black and grey, with some mossy green and rose pink thrown in for good measure towards the end... to symbolize the evolution of a stone planet into one with plants and flesh? Some dresses featured rocks-as-straps, and several cheekily-huge Pebbles Flintstone-style necklaces showed up as well.

The finale of the show featured two models wearing a frame of moving lights, walking slowly down the dimmed catwalk. Meant to represent the Big Bang, and it was striking moment.

The primal sounds of the vocal group were not only well-executed, but somehow funny in the same way that a child talking loudly about something we don't want to hear is. Teamed with the clothes, it was a moving sensation, very fun, and nearly every model was sporting a huge grin throughout the show ( thought this was nice change of pace, too). It made me like Coco Rocha a lot more, too... somehow felt that this was fashion for "all of us", as a species.

Check out the video!


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