Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend Travel.

This weekend, my sweetay and two of our friends loaded into a van and drove six, snowy hours to Chicago, mostly to see Les Savy Fav.

image via Brooklyn Vegan
Tim Harrington loves yellow, but has trouble keeping it on.

The show started at 10pm on Saturday night, so we had a whole day to fill-- at my sweetay's suggestion, we poked around some vintage stores, with the added surprise of tracking down a vintage gown he'd found online! Sometimes I wonder, "Where the hell did I get this dude from?" And then I say to myself, "Who cares? All I know is I'm not letting him go back!"

These two were clear winners-- le sigh! Spaghetti straps are too thin for my bustliness, and strapless gowns seem a bit dated to me. These are modestly pretty, and also my exact size. Unfortunately, they were already sold by the time we go to the shop. However, I did come away having learned two important things: a) If you see something you like, jump on it like it's a ball pit on a trampoline, and b) ladies who deal in vintage wedding gowns are bat sh*t crazy. Like, lipstick-on-the-teeth, spirals-for-pupils crazy. I say this with love.

So, while I didn't come away with a dress, the next place we hit up yielded the most perfect wedding style shoes:

These $12 beauts were found at Hollywood Mirror, your average graffiti-walled, vintage store-cum-costume outlet. With clear vamps and acrylic heels, gold soles, and gold bejeweled hotness at the toe, these pristine 1950's era slingbacks-- in a perfect size 8.5 no less, are too damn good to be true.



niki said...

hollywood mirror is one of my favorite haunts! if you are ever in chicago again, check out clothes optional on clark & diversey.

Sal said...

Oh bum! Can't believe those gorgeous gowns were already sold. The shoes are a total score though - sparkly perfection.

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Oh I love th shoes, great job. Good luck with the dress, I found mine in the mall!! lol

Missa said...

Hey, have you checked out the bridal section on thefrock.com? So many amazing vintage wedding gowns! If nothing else it's wonderful inspiration, good luck and happy wedding planning!

Spandexpony said...

Niki: Thank you, I will! I'd never been to Chicago before (imagine) but I think I'll be going a lot more now!

Eyeliah: I didn't know you were married? Deets, deets!

Missa: Thanks for your suggestion! I checked it out and it is definitely pricey, but there's some amazing things there that I can take to a dressmaker as inspiration!