Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Somehow, this fashion week in London is by-and-large a bit disappointing. All-black collections and rampant biker influence are to me, like inviting Elton John to an NRA meeting. Luella seemed to do grunge some good, however, it all seemed a bit safe.

Great bag, love the hat-- but ladylike grunge isn't a far-fetched concept, to be sure.

I do like the prim, 60's shape with the biker/bondage attitude here. Although, the very first person who comes to mind when I see this dress is Lindsay Lohan.

I loved this look as well-- great fabric for the pants, like the velvet jacket, but this season's shows have been rife with similar looks... although, in the end I'm sure it must be difficult to fight the zeitgeist.

Absolutely gorgeous blood-red patent, and I adore the combination with the dark teal leggings and furry brown pompoms.

Now, one show that truly blew my mind was up-and-comer Mary Katrantzou. Her collection was small, but tight, sticking to a theme of incredible, figure-creating patterns on simple sheath dresses.

I think that this dress's pattern would make a lovely perfume bottle.

Beautiful colors-- the jewel tones give the otherwise video-gamey graphics a "heritaged" appeal.

Regal. Where do I sign up?

I won't have much time to check up on the rest of the shows this week, or for anything else extracurricular, really-- I have several huge projects that need to be summed up this week, as well as a secret big project I'm working on, as well as MOVING! My goodness, how I'll keep my head is beyond me. Updates to come!

"Check ya later,wink!" I really do not belong in photos. Cropped peacoat: Dollhouse. Scarf: NYC street vendor. Tshirt: Target. Jeans: Target. Boots: Gift-- thanks Wendy!



Sal said...

Good luck with the move! And please don't hate me for being a crap correspondent - I owe you a big e-mail and promise one soon.

Eyeliah @ said...

I really like Luella, still haven't done my post thou.. :-) I need to catch up on all the last shows.

laura said...

i like your blog and your comments on the shows. (: good luck with moving!

Anonymous said...

Frankly, your look with the red coat and cowboy boots is much better than anything Luella was shilling out on the runway.