Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not so fast...

There may be a dark, moldy cloud to our silver lining... we just hope that it's not stachybotrys, no matter how good a background it is to my latest fashion thirst: long, black vintage dresses.

Missmode 21 on Ebay.

Nothing to me combines elegance with disco-tastic glamour quite like a long, black, one-shouldered gown. A white version might be my ideal you-know-what dress.

Fringevintagepdx on Etsy.

A most elegant application of a Gary Numan video-looking 80's print.

Chic-lovershop on Ebay.

Simple, and just lovely for a summer evening... I think my rekindled interest in long, black dresses is spurred by fantasies of summer parties at the new place. However, they can serve as mourning garb (pun, haha) as well, if this new place turns out to be toxic.

LittleTown on Etsy.

Hellooo dolly! I'm in love with this dress. I want to buy it a drink and tell it I'm in med school. 'Til then, I'll stick with my own repertoire of black dresses:

Here I am, elegantly mean-mugging in a Coat: Macy's, Long black dress: thrifted. Long pearl necklace: thrifted, Silver Clogs of Delight: thrifted.

Sigh... wish me luck...!



Anthea said...

What great choices. I love how you did the backgrounds for the photos. Beautiful. I love the one shouldered gown !!

Mr. M. said...

You're onto something with this mold thing. Beautiful backgrounds for the dresses. I applaud you.

Spandexpony said...

Anthea: thank you! I wished I could have spent more time with it, but I'm glad that you liked it!

Mr M.: Thank you m'dear... I kinda think it would be awesome to have a whole wall with a mold print on it.

mikagirl said...

aww i drew those fungi yesterday in biology class... so creepy.... when i was taking them out of the dish would never have thought of them as fashionable. but u did a great job.!!!