Thursday, February 19, 2009

Om nom nom, pretty, om nom...

Matthew Williamson. Why have I not heard of you? Thank you for refusing to go all post-apocalyptic, black and grey on us, because I have certainly seen enough of that this week! Let's just... soak in the spangly fantasticness, yes?

My Spirograph just called to say she loves you.

Like Pendleton blanket coat, Bonnie Cashin-ified. What an orange.

Oh man, I hate Zebra Stripes. Well, the Mermaid brought them to the party. Oh well, I guess they're probably cool then.

The pattern reminds me of the time I broke a friend's parents' glass TV cabinet, and it shattered in a bazillion pieces. After the uh... initial freak-out, we decided to paint the pieces of glass and glue them to her windowsill. All kinds of hell were paid that day, but her parents did rather admire the end result.

This dress reminds me of one we did for our final project last quarter. It also makes me excited to shun minimalism this fall. For reals. It's going down.

Don't care for the boots, but velvet plus fur looks ridiculously, sumptuously cozy.

Oh my freaking wow. I wonder if it would be possible to make a ruff like this out of the blue-colored strands for sale at the hair store? Without looking like a whole lot of weave just fell out of your head?

Did I mention my thing for colored fur? This outfit screams Tricia of Bits and Bobbins fame to me.


Sal said...

Williamson is fairly new to me, too, and DAMN the man does good work. I'm loving those bright fur collars, too.

The Clothes Horse said...

I always do love his colors, prints, and patterns. This season he seems to have outdone himself!

Caroline said...

the second photo down. most amazing coat ever.

Spandexpony said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies! I know I'll have to scour the thrift for glitteries come fall---

textileowl said...

Hmm, those collars kind of look like Jeff's "Gonzo" coat fox fur collar.