Monday, February 16, 2009

Barbie's 50th Anniversary

Already a few shows are catching my eye-- Bibhu Mohapatra, Elise Overland, and United Bamboo to name a few; but my absolute favorite so far has got to be the Barbie 50th Anniversary collection.

Although I'm not, nor have I ever been super huge on Barbies, I felt that the contributing designers really did so much to pick Barbie up out of the political dirt that's been clinging to her lately and create a show that to me, perfectly exemplifies the classic Barbie can-do attitude, freshness and fashionability.

Definitely not a classic Barbie look, but still feminine, fierce and a whole lotta fun: I don't know about you, but I'd love to march down to the pool with a battle-ready swimsuit, huge "put sunscreen on my back if you dare" spiked bracelets and a clear little bolero (water wings?).

Looks like jewel green is going to be the color of next fall, judging by the looks of it. This was the sole green outfit here, but many many shows are exhibiting similar emerald hues. I love that the bodice and sleeves of this dress are so off-hand and t-shirt like.

Part medical, part alien, part St. Tropez.

As would be expected, pink was huge in this show-- and with such force and intensity of color as to imbue the color with quite a bit of power. It really struck me half-way into it that pink really is a statement, especially when worn like this; it takes balls to put on this feminine hue. PS-- have you seen my gloves? I love colored fur!

My favorite look of the whole show. Love the hair, the swimsuit, and the cheeky socks-with-sandals, worth repeating.

It also struck me, during the show, that wearing evening gowns with shades and short gloves is bad as hell.

Another fabulous suit, with librarian-tastic stockings with matching arm-hosiery.

That hair! That fabulously pink dress that is Barbie personified (might I even have had a similar dress for mine back in the day?)

A lot more pink needs to happen in my closet.



Eyeliah @ said...

I love these, that big hair, the amazing green dress. Thanks for posting.

emily said...

this really brightened my day. :) thanks for sharing!!

Sal said...

Thanks for posting these! I'd seen a few from this show, but not enough to get a real feel.

megan said...

barbie!! oh i love it :D

megan /


The styling is gorgeous. At MERCURA NYC we love the way our cat eyes becrystalled, bejeweled, berosed, intricate, and brass eared are shown with Nanette Lepore, Marchesa, Tracy Reese, Naaem Khan, Vera Wang, Lyn Devon and Vena cava. BRAVO BARBIE! PS have you seen the latest spreads in WFM & INTIMA magazines?