Sunday, February 15, 2009


In celebration of fashion week, some designer logo tattoos. Like most tattoos to me, a great big, "Hmm."

This girl's tat treads the line between awesome (because she's all gamine and dark like Coco herself) and hackneyed trend.

Although these pigs were anesthetized before the Louis Vuitton logo was emblazoned on their backs by some artist, this ish is all kinds of wrong. At least they did it to two of them, so that they could be brothers in pig-ostracism.

Ah yes... remember Johnny Depp's "Winona Forever" tattoo, that he eventually had changed to say, "Wino forever"? Maybe Marc Jacobs' ex-boy can change his to say... "Maaco"? "Forever"?

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Sal said...

Had no idea you were tattoo-ambivalent. Stop by today as we're jawing about it at my place.

Have to agree about these three, though. Some really poor choices all around.

Spandexpony said...

Sal! I didn't know you were all tattoo-ey! To each her own, says I-- although your beaver is quite fetch.

Munted kowhai said...

urgh to the pig tattoos. very wrong.