Friday, February 13, 2009

Going.... down?

In the spirit of the season of lovin', I've found a few of the rarest pairs... especially designed for all of your horizontal pursuits.

...cuz God knows you won't (or can't) go far from the boudoir in these...

I might seriously consider these IF-- and only if-- I had a glam-rock band and a series of wires to hold me upright/fly across the stage. Note to self: start glam-rock band.

Well, now I know why I never should have given up ballet-- a couple of years en pointe and these babies would be like walking on clouds. Is it just me or are these shoes actually bizarrely hot?

The Pierre Cardin fan in me eats these up. All you need is a space helmet and a little white eyeliner to complete the look.

My favorite pair... why shouldn't every pair of shoes leave a little hoof-print behind?

[images via what a name!].


megan said...

The ballet boots have always creeped me out for some reason!

megan /

Spandexpony said...

They are downright freakish, non?