Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just the facts, meme.

Dude, somebody in the Midwest must have done something really good, because this weather is kickin' ass. Ahh, 63 degrees with a breeze, children playing in the schoolyard... what's not to love?

Sweater: Victoria's Secret. Swissdot Dress: Urban Outfitters. Grey tights: Target. Boots: Urban Outfitters. Scarf: thrifted.

The lovely and talented Sal of Already Pretty has bestowed upon me a lively little tag... I don't tend to do tags, mostly because they take up so much time to do, but this one was short, sweet, and kind of novel. Who doesn't like to see behind the scenes? This tag requires the taggee to show off their blog workspace.

So, without further ado, presenting Where the Magic Happens:

The desk itself I bought from a addled, hilarious lady who is tired of life. She owns a basement shop and sells thrifted furniture she decoupages. This desk was a really good deal; and incredibly heavy. The chair I rescued from the curb. The computer I work on is an eMac, originally designed for and used only in schools. If you can zoom in, you can actually tell what song was playing on my iTunes when the picture was snapped!

It works awesome and came with the whole Cs3 suite on Ebay, but needs a bit more memory, hence the extra gigantic external harddrive with the unicorn on top. My iPod (cozied in a arm-strap for running) is to the right. Directly behind the computer is where the TV and VCR live... yes, I am guilty of plastic drawer-use to store dvds in.

I am one of the thirstiest people I know. There's always gotta be a glass of something laying around, usually water. Sticky notes abound; these are ideas my sweety was workin' on for wedding food. The cat holds all my pens and other desk necessaries. I love animal figurines, but I typically don't like ones that are functional, like this one, or like planters or watering cans. Why? I don't like the lines of the animal to be interrupted by functionality. Read: I don't enjoy jamming pencils and scissors into the cat's porcelain brain. Somehow, this guy passed the test, although with that last sentence, I might have to come up with a replacement for him.

I'm always taking notes at the computer-- whether it be to remember where I got a photo from or phone numbers for the pizza place. Here are notes I have on music I need to obtain... Tapes 'n' Tapes, Cansei de Ser Sexy and A Place to Bury Strangers are all on the list. I need to cross off the White Stripes discography and the Kaiser Chiefs. The notebook also houses my color scheme ideas and at this moment, my orange gloves trimmed in orange rabbit fur. Oldies but goodies.

Who's next? I nominate:

Missa of Thrift Candy
Eyeliah of Style Symmetry
Diana of Hot Chocolate and Mint
Megan of Mallrat Couture
Sunshine of Blog Full of Jelly.

Show us where you bang it out!



Missa said...

Oh man, some tidying up will need to occur before this happens, haha!

Fun to see your workspace :)

Caroline said...

That is one awesome unicorn, lady.

p.s. I finally got around to posting my what I love about my state tag you hit me with several (er..) months ago. I've no excuses for the delay, but it was fun to put together nonetheless.

Sal said...

YAY! So glad you took this one up. And SO pleased/unsurprised to see that a unicorn lives on your desk.

Eyeliah @ said...

Okay, I'm on it. Didn't tidy first. :-)

Eyeliah @ said...

Done. :-) here

Spandexpony said...

Missa-- no rush, I mean, it IS the internets. ;D

Caroline-- totally awesome! I am now putting Hawaii on my "list" (as if it weren't there before!)

Sal-- thanks for the tag sista!

Eyeliah-- fab! Love your plants!

Anonymous said...

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