Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Color Me (absolutely) mad!

Unfortunately for readers like myself 5 years ago, my brain is definitely in the wedding zone. We've only started planning a couple of weeks ago, a foolish move according to Real Simple Weddings (they suggest starting 16 months ahead). We've got a date (in late October) , a place (a Conservatory), and now, after much hemming and hawing, a motif.

A lovely inspiration for a guest book or invitations.

We both love vintage-hunting and old-school anything (even actual old schools). We're both huge fans of the Art Deco period, and the cool, smooth metal and glass of the greenhouse we'll be in lend itself well to the period.

Luckily, Flickr user Gatochy is like a virtual Library of Congress of Art Deco Images.

Considering the theme and time of year, this picture was almost custom-made for our perusal. I'm in love with the low-backed, bias-cut, Spanish revival-style gowns of the period. Do you think I can rent a wolf for the occasion?

After themes come colors-- and I'm an absolute nut for putting colors together. Seeing as I don't have a Pantone stick or unlimited hues of colored pencils, I found Adobe's Kular site, where you can search for or create your own palette of 2-5 colors.

I'm not really down with a all-autumn look, but "smackings of" are fine with me. I'm really drawn to brown, pink and gold.

I love this whole situation; brown for tablecloths, burgundy for runners and pink for napkins. The green represents the foliage (not to be competed with), and the gold, as with all other decorative elements in my life, is so necessary. However, the look is perhaps a bit more subdued than I'd like. Another awesome thing about Kular is you can upload a photo and have a palette automatically generated from it:

I loved the super-festive colors in this print celebrating autumn. I dig the blue because the Conservatory's lighting becomes blue and purple after dark. The above scheme might be a bit too elementary for me though; but I love the idea of using the spring green with the purple of the mountains.

I decided to try my original inspirational image, even though the colors themselves didn't exactly sing out to me:

Although, when laid out side-by-side, this palette looks like nothing I've seen lately, but completely ravishingly beautiful! I know Sweetness wants to wear a grey tux, and peach is one of my all-time favorite colors. And, best of all, my fear of not being able to wear gold jewelry with grey surroundings is thankfully assuaged by our heroine above, completely stacked with gold bangles.

All images are sourced from my new Flickr-crush, Gatochy. If you love Art Deco as much as I do, you'll definitely want to check out her varied, comprehensive photostream.



Caroline said...

Before I even read what you had written I thought..."please tell me she's planning to rent a black wolf for her walk down the aisle." Best idea ever.

Actually, though, that last color pallet is beautiful! I love love love it.

Sal said...

Kular looks AMAZING! What a fun tool for ... like, life. Loving the pink/green/brown set.

Missa said...

I LOVE your theme! That illustration of the woman with the wolf is so amazing and a conservatory?!?! Yay, your wedding is gonna be awesome.

Zijery said...

Your excessive thirst is from dehyrdration due to your wimpy thyroid!