Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh! You pretty things!

I had a minor freakout today about wedding costs versus wedding effort. Faced with the prospect of planning my own wedding on a small budget, I personally feel all cold and sweaty with a giant lump in my throat. I prefer to shell out a bit more to have someone else take care of the details. However, I was starting to fear that budget-wise, I was giving them enough rope to hang me with, and, after reading Brooklyn Bride, began to fear that the personal touch possible on a less professional wedding was slipping from my grasp. I'd never have an antique typewriter filled with a ream of paper as a guest book! I'd never get to hang old mason jars filled with sand from trees for people to eat under!

But, friends, know this. Things are really only out of control if you let them be. I took a head-clearing, two-mile hike through the 9 or so inches of freshly fallen snow and ice, took some nice photos, then settled down with an eyeful of to find these wonderfully bridal confections from Chanel's Spring 2009 Couture show:

These headdresses were made by Katsuya Kayo and six or seven assistants using 11"x7" office paper. Best use of a temp job, ever.

Adorable, as if Pierre Cardin and a Cabbage Patch had a baby.

Intrepid! I'd love to see this one in an ad for running shoes.

Self! Remember everything about this look! The eyes! Those lips! Her eyebrow color! I am in love with this girl's face.

The entire show was a study in white, with a sprinkling of black... beautiful, simple shift-type dresses and 1930's shapes coupled with straight, stiff shoulders were the order of the day.

Karl, how did you do it? I have never once seen a white jacket that didn't look somehow medical. Well, now I have. I'm feeling a strong urge to deplane from a light jet in this outfit.

The collar really makes this. I'm considering sleeves for my wedding dress, actually, either a drapey, elbow-length style, or short and structured like this one.

Could this be any more perfect? At full length, this would be my fantasy gown. I love how the subtle striping gives this dress a sportier edge to balance out that huge, delicious, Aretha Franklin's Inaugural Hat-style bow.

Love the futuristic shine with the lacy bits, and the strong, geometric shoulders.

This one is a little bit too 1990's for me, but if I were a 15-year-old bride running off (in my black Frye harness boots) with my Harley-ridin' boyfriend, this would be my first pick.

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Sal said...

YOU need to pow-wow with Casey.

Or maybe just make your own headdress out of tabloid office paper.