Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eye on the Prize

There has always been nostalgia, and people interested in antiques and vintage clothing. Before 10 years ago or so, these people (referring to the habitual vintage wearers) tended to be extreme counter-consumerists. Now, vintage is relatively de rigeur. Everybody craves the throw-back ish; vinyl, boomboxes, Wayfarers; even new things are sold by calling them "retro" or "vintage".

Rainy Days
Rainy Days - by spandexpony on

Doing my future-looking-to duty for the universe via Polyvore. Not a vintage item in sight. Except for the 1960's Dior Shades. Rats! I'm incorrigible!

I read in Newsweek yesterday that the economy has fallen to 1998 levels. I began to wonder if our collective, heightened nostalgia may be a factor in our backwards slide-- like, "The Secret"-style self-fulfilling prophecy. I feel as though far fewer people anticipate the "wonders of the future"; instead we wait around until Apple announces the next generation of iPhone.

There's no clear trajectory of the future for people to hang their hopes and imaginations on, so we find comfort down memory lane. Are we at the top and have nowhere to go but back down? Or are we on a plateau-- unwittingly gearing up to climb a face so sheer we can't even begin to imagine the peak?

Ponder, if you dare, then revel in the reverse with my favorite video today, "Typical", by MuteMath.



Munted kowhai said...

I most definitely think the economy has a bit to do with it. The popularity of "vintage" wear seems to be riding on the coat tail of "being green!!" popularity. I think it is great that perhaps more people will shop vintage and thrift more but sadden that big companies will latch onto this vintage term and market the hell out of it.

Sal said...

Makes sense that people would look to the past when the future is so uncertain. Especially when the present is dreary and predictions about the NEAR future so dark.

Secretary said...

Whatever helps us get through this recession, I'm all for! Fashion recycles itself, so why not if it makes you happy. I recently bought a turqouise pair of high top chucks because I had a pair in 5th grade and decided I rocked them then, and should, again. : )

Spandexpony said...

Munted: Haha, I always thought it was funny how vintage and green have always been put together. To me, the greenness of buying vintage is the least of my concerns. I worry about others stealing from my precious thrift plunder as well!

Sal: True, but I feel people were looking to the past even before the future was dark and uncertain. I guess I wonder if people are "giving up" on the future, to tangible effect.

Secretary: Much to my parents' dismay, I keep every single pair of shoes I have, unless they're truly beat. Go to town on those chucks, girl!