Thursday, March 5, 2009

I've arrived!

Ah--- my first breath of Internet since we've moved in!

In between moving out of my tiny third-floor studio, while still attending school (wrapping up my final projects before I graduate) and everything else, I'm rather astonished that a pretty hardcore home decor undertaking was completed, in a couple of hours, no less:

Curly lamb coat: vintage, thrifted. Sheath: vintage, thrifted. Polka-dot tights: Target. Scarf: thrifted. Shoes: Miss Sixty. Kitchen dog: thrifted.

Here I am, about to skirt out to a presentation at school today. Behind me is the late 18th century table you may remember from this post. A friend's mentioning that the too-fragile-to-use table looked like a picture frame became a call to duty for my sweetness, and so-- the legs have been removed, and the top, mounted on the wall. I swear this picture does it no justice, because it is absolutely the finest dismantling of an antique I've ever seen!

Future dismantlings are scheduled this weekend, for when I reupholster the chairs of a 1950's chrome dinette set. Pictures to come!