Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Debut... on so many levels...

I think I've provisionally decided to take a photo of myself every day of this last quarter; maybe even the year. This is my year, for sure, and I'd like to remember myself in it!

Turtleneck: Victoria's Secret. Chain necklace: thrifted. Floral corduroy mini: thrifted. Black tights: Target. Lace-up granny boots: Dolce Vita. Suitcase: Vintage, Etsy.

Today was the first day of my last quarter as an undergraduate. Today was also the first day that I've used my vintage plaid suitcase for book-toting, the first time I've worn a black turtleneck since 3rd grade (then, to complement a sweatshirt with a sparkling, harlequin clown applique), and the first time I've taken a photo of my puss with one of my favorite Christmas presents, a Canon Powershot G10. Better (and brighter!) pictures to come! Hawt!

Speaking of "hawt" and college days, check out these photos of our own President-elect, mugging fashionably in 1980. He works that hat! These are part of a roll that then-student photographer Lisa Jack took for her portfolio; they never saw the light of day (and were even under lock and key!) until after the election.

You can read the whole story at Time Magazine's site.