Monday, January 12, 2009

Ms. Manila in the Conservatory with a Vintage Boot...

This coming weekend, my sweety and I are going to Florida for my birthday! We're staying with a friend's parents in a condo right on Daytona Beach, exploring St. Augustine, thrifting (and yay! sticking to our gym-going resolutions) in New Smyrna, swimming with sharks (holy YES!) in a special cage at Sea World, and lastly but certainly not leastly, going to Disney World! I've never been-- but everyone, from the lady at the bodega to my advisor has instantly lit up when I mentioned I'm going.

I can't wait. So much so, that we went to the Conservatory to pre-game some tropicality.

The father of a friend of mine curates the Conservatory's collection of bonsais. Unfortunately, they lost about $10,000 worth of bonsais in a recent fire. Luckily, this bonsai bearing the cutest of oranges survived.

I had to get a picture of this Grand Staircase in the main greenhouse, a) because when I tried to Google "staircase" for a project, there were only the weakest of images for pages and pages. I'm trying to pay it forward. B) The main greenhouse is home to many a wedding (Sweetay, are you reading?), and I love the thought of making our entrances down this lovely glassblock staircase.

The Conservatory also has several art galleries in addition to their plants. I've heard it said that Chihuly's Medusa-like glass works are played out, but I think they look festively at home in the greenhouse.

Scarf: thrifted. Sweater: thrifted. Bag: thrifted. Jeans: Express. Boots: thrifted.

Sigh!! Imagine your wedding guests dining by tiny little lights around this wishing well! Here I am helping myself to some soda money.

A section of the cieling... kinda reminds me of Joan Miro.

Last but not least, your requisite plantlife close-up. Orchids are the big theme over at the Conservatory now, and this pitcher plant-like one was my favorite. Also, I'm pretty thrilled to have a camera that doesn't turn a close-up of a flower into a glowing, fuzzy mass.

Damn, I'm feeling pretty lucky!



textileowl said...

Jeff's sister had her wedding at the Conservatory three years ago It was a fantastic venue, the only real problem was trying to fit 200 people into that kidney shape and have them be able to see the ceremony.

Munted kowhai said...

the conservatory looks splendid for a wedding! all that glass work is absolutely beautiful! will you do the same coin diggin pose in your wedding dress by the wishing fountain?

Sal said...

Wheee! What a way to spend the bday. I'll be trapped in subzero MN thinking of you when the big day arrives ... oh, and HM and I got married in a conservatory and LOVED it. Let me know if you want me to twist some fiance arm.

Amber said...

That's Chihuly glass in the pictures. It's absolutely remarkable. I'm glad the conservatory had some.

Spandexpony said...

textileowl: I've also heard it's a bad place for a wedding in the summer-- unbearably hot!

munted: I think I might-- haha! Thanks for the idea!

Sal: Girl, guess what! We're doing it!!! YAY!!! What did you say to him, what did you say???

Amber: Yes it is! I'm not sure if he's from Ohio or not, but it seems like his glass is all over Cincinnati and Columbus. Or maybe Ohio just likes it best!

textileowl said...

Her's was in late September, so it wasn't too bad. A little warm once the dancing started, but it was storming outside as well, so I think the humidity wasn't helping anything.