Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And, oh yeah, I wear an 8 1/2.

So, if you're a family member (or generous benefactor) of mine, you may be wondering-- what shall I get that girl for her birthday? It's kind of short notice though, so if you were planning on gifting me, you probably already got it. But if not, read on, my dear fellow procrastinators, for my (heavily shoe-populated, alas) birthday wishlist...

1) The Nike Shox Accomplish in black/silver/gray.
Ethical clothing choice makers, please avert your gaze. I know that in some circles, Nikes are frowned upon, but they do make a superior running shoe. I usually go for something pink, but this slick black number engenders a feeling of running prowess within me. I feel a growl coming on.

2) An adorable sweater.

I feel like it's a stroke of luck for me to find my beloved cloud motif on my most favorite shade of green. If I looked good in khakis, I'd wear this with a slim-legged, ankle-length pair with white Audrey Hepburn-style loafers. And then sit at the window of a coffee house all day and dream, dream! But in real life, this sweater would be worn at any occasion calling for whimsy, enchantment, or a sweet-ass sweater in a minty hue.

3) The Lomo Diana Dreamer Camera.

I'd still want it if it were empty inside, to coordinate with the Cloud Spattered Sweater. However, I have always wanted a camera that takes inexact, tie-dyed looking photos, and this one does the trick nicely, and in style.

4) All Black "Gee" Ballet Flat.

If you'd like to put together a birthday package, you can get me some tightrope-walking lessons to go with these.

5) Giuseppe Zanotti E9004 Sandal.

This one goes out to you, generous benefactors. I am willing to do things for these shoes. Horrible, dirty things. Like clean out the holes of your landline phone. Have you ever looked in there? It is a scene.

6) Wing and Flower Necklace.
I would really like to be wearing this for the wedding, enough to track it down online after first seeing it in People Magazine, of all places. I mean really, who can resist a necklace with wings, spirals, rhinestones and little stars pieces dancing along the piece throughout that still manages to class it up?

7) A helper pony.

Because they're cute, furry, would snuffle into your hand and wear little tennis shoes (nike shox?). But also, they can open the door for you if your hands are full, greet callers at the door, and provide hair inspiration. That is a helpful pony.



Sal said...

Just when I thought I couldn't love you any harder ... on my way to find a helper pony that I can mail to you by Saturday.

Amber said...

Shit, I want a helper pony. And where are those cute white flats from?

Spandexpony said...

Love ya'll.

And Amber-- the flats are by "All Black"; I found them on for $35 or so-- which is awesome because they are usually $100 I think!

Caroline said...

must remember to add a helper pony and tightrope lessons to my next birthday list...