Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm back! It was about 60 degrees or so the whole time I was in Florida, and although locals complained about how chilly it was, it was still 70 degrees warmer than home.

The very last day, we could see dolphins playing out in the surf!

Here's the view from where we stayed-- at a friend's parents' condo. They were warm and lovely people-- plus they were fully stocked on wine, cheese and pate. I definitely ate English muffins with foie gras and brownies for breakfast more than once.

Gettin' my Princess on.

We went to the Magic Kingdom on my birthday. I'd never been before and had an awesome time, riding all the rides and discovering that--- the park is full of fake smells! I was constantly smelling hot roasted nuts everywhere I went, spurring a powerful craving for the sweet little guys but there were none to be found--- anywhere! I walked through a rose garden and was greeted by their sweet, sigh-inducing scent. Upon leaning into a flower for a closer sniff, I discovered that the flowers themselves had no smell (it was too cold). Tricksters!

The park is full of these huge crane/loon/stork things that love to strut for people. They have great, bushy white tail feathers and green eyeshadow. Here I am coaxing one over.

He was delicious.

Ballet Flats: Etienne Aigner. Crochet Tights: Target. Jacket: Macy's. Denim Mini (that you can't see): thrifted. Scarf: thrifted. Stripey "Mime" Long-sleeved Tee: Thrifted. Shades: CVS.

We jaunted over to Epcot for dinner, by which point we were ridiculously exhausted, trying to fill the time before dinner at a Moroccan restaurant by alternating espressos and Kir Royales in France. Afterwards, we jaunted "around the world". Verdict? Must. go. to. Mexico.

The following day, we went to St. Augustine, one of the most beautiful cities I've seen in awhile. I don't know if the lights are always up, or are a holiday thing, but they are used to great effect all throughout the city.

Shades: CVS. Necklace: Gift from friend. Jacket: Macy's. Tee shirt: Target. Jeans: Urban Outfitters. Flats: Etienne Aigner.

Cannons are also used to great effect throughout the city. Also, there are chickens running loose all over St. Augustine! I have a friend who used to raise exotic chickens in his backyard, but let them have free reign of the neighborhood--- until the neighbors called the city to complain. But I've always thought it was a kind of romantic idea to have chickens around to liven up the yard.

On our last day, our hosts took us to Blue Springs-- whose shallow waters house 100-200 manatees on any given day. Unfortunately, the far side of the stream was the warm, sunlit side, so the manatees kept their distance. Our flight attendant on the flight home told us that she used to go swimming with her friends in those springs in high school and they would actually get to touch and interact with the manatees! Damn, the only thing we did after school was eat fast food in each others' cars.

And, no trip to Florida is complete without the wacky, tacky and true-- these freakish embryo looking things are indeed, bottled sharks. They share retail space with tiny shell-covered elephants (below), and rows upon row of crocodile heads, chimes, palmetto honey, snowglobes and the best pecans and grapefruits in the world.



textileowl said...

Lucky You! I've never been to Disney either, my siblings went the year my Dad lived down there which happened to be the year I lived in the Czech Republic. But, looks like you had a fabulous time! And you missed the couple of days of subzero temperatures!

Sal said...

Eeeeeeeeeee! Looks like a perfect dream of a vacation and you SO deserved it.

Just slightly off-topic: I got a PACKAGE from your indescribably awesome self yesterday. You adorable, generous, Capricorntastic SNEAK. I, of course, recycled the box my boots came in ages ago and didn't keep your addy. But I have it now, HAHA. Expect belated joy soon. And did I say thank you? THANK YOOOOOO!

Eyeliah @ said...

Oh Disney!!! Glad you had a great birthday.

Lisa said...

Glad you enjoyed it! It was so sweet to read your account of Disney--as a Floida native, I kind of take the parks for granted, so your tale was refreshing. Mexico is by far the best Epcot country--did you go on the indoor boat ride?
And yes, to us, 60 degrees is absolutely freezing. I view your tolerance of cold with awe and respect.

Spandexpony said...

Textileowl: Yay! Thank you!

Sal: I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! And thank you early generous thang!! ;)

Eyeliah: thank you very much!

Lisa: Thank you. I did go on the boatride and loved it-- even though it is so corny! I tried to take pictures in there, but alas, it was too dark. PS I hear that Florida residents get big price breaks at Disney! True?

Emilyfate said...

I just bought those shades this past week! They're so much fun! Twins!

Caroline said...

There are wild chickens running around all over the place in Hawaii too. I always find it a bit worrisome for some reason...

Also, definitely go to Mexico! Best place ever. When we were there we had to be evacuated from our hotel and stuck in a tiny school room with a lot of stinky people for several days through a large hurricane while I was pregnant and having morning sickness the entire time. I still wanted to buy a little place and move there. It was so great!