Sunday, January 4, 2009

Starting off on the right foot...

Tomorrow is the first day of my last quarter at school. Texts are yet to be bought, my bookbag lies wan and flaccid in the corner. Tomorrow's schedule is an afterthought; tonight I'm obsessed with wonderfully weird shoes.

The shoe version of an extraordinarily classy mullet: Minimalist and pointy in front, Indiana Jones'-style plunder in back.

"The designer's Martian, you know, but he has such a keen feel for the human foot."

Irregular Choice

Kite-flying, picnics, cotton candy, extra-huge teacups and one crazy-insane haberdasher.


Get this-- the heel is actually a wheel. Something about these shoes has me fantasizing about winning a particularly cunning poker game in Vegas. As I rake in my winnings, I address the table from over my dark sunglasses: "That's how I roll." A twisted, knowing smile fades as quickly as it appeared.

Now that I've got all this off my chest, let me get my head back in the game. I'll start by packing a lunch for myself to take tomorrow, as part of my one and only New Year's Resolution. I don't typically take much stock in New Year's Resolutions; I think they prevent people from trying to change on an ongoing basis. Disbeliever that I am, I managed to make this one New Year's Resolution this year, though: to rely more on the power of groceries and my cooking, and less on restaurants and take-out.


Sal said...

You sure can find 'em, sugar. That's a big old world of footwear weirdness, there.

Good luck, good luck, good luck with your last quarter!!

Eyeliah @ said...

Those are wild, I think the only ones I'd be brave enough for are the 3rd.

Spandexpony said...

Sal: Thanks a bunch!

Eyeliah: It doesn't stop there though! Once I get to looking into something (weird but beautiful shoes) I get on a steamroll. It might get to where I have a weird shoe of the day, but I'll spare you!

Caroline said...

That "how I roll" fantasy has got me laughing so hard. I can't get over it, and I'm struggling to find the right words to even describe how happy you've just made me.